FIVB is not content with changes in the system of World League or World Grand Prix. Volleyball authorities decide to alter already existing rules or pass a new controversial restrictions. Since the approaching national team season (May), players will not be allowed to touch any part of the net, moreover, there will be established a “15 seconds rule” as well as a kit of regulations mainly related to the FIVB World Championships in Poland and Italy.


Back to the past!

After the Olympics in Beijing 2008, FIVB wiped “touch the net” rule away from the statutes which had been almost inviolable and principled that times. However, as it turned out, there is nothing, what could not have been kicked off and volleyball federation removed the role to many players’ joy. The net touch rule was replaced by two-points regulation:   

  1. Contact with the net by a player is not a fault, unless it interferes with  the play.
  2. Players may touch the post, ropes, or any other object outside the antennae, including the net itself, provided that it does not interfere with the play.

From now, this rule is landing on the scrap heap too because the net is going to be neutral and untouchable again so any contact with it will be effect by a point loss.  

Time is money! “15 seconds rule”

A brand new and a bit strange idea of volleyball establishment is called “15 seconds rule”.  It is meant to make volleyball match shorter and faster in the expense of displacing long breaks associated with slow competitors movement or intentional delays done in order to knock opponent off stride. The essence of the rule is following: a player must get started the action by the serve in 15 seconds after closing the previous act.   

The other change, which may reduce the number of long pauses in play, is setting up much faster almost instant substitutions. A player will not be required to wait until the referee list the change as it takes place nowadays, but will be allowed to appear on the court without any arduous control. However, the quantitative limit of substitutions remains the same so a coach will be still allowed to make six modifications of his starting line-up.   

Finally 14!

Another surprise, proposed by FIVB, is the match squad enlargement to 14 players. Therefore, any of coaches will be allowed to make a correction in the starting line-up substituting for example the Libero in the event that he or she are jarring or when do not come up to sports expectation.    

Better then “Big Brother”!

During the FIVB World Championships in Poland (Men’s) and Italy (Women’s), there is going to bring in the “Challenge system”. All of matches will be observed by 16 camcorders adapted to judging controversial moments. Coaches will be allowed to ask for at least 2 verification attempts per set involving:

  1. Place where the ball falls (in or out)
  2. Touch the net
  3. Ball contact with the antenna
  4. Feet contact with: 3 meter line, middle line and baseline
  5. Touch the ball by block

A real command center will be organized next to the referee table, where the third referee (“Challenge referee”) will be obligated to watch the questionable action at the screen, to take a fair verdict  and then pass it on to the second referee, who breaks it to the main referee with the microphone (all referees will be equipped in microphones and headphones). What is more, the first referee will  have at his disposal a tablet to follow controversial actions online. The whole process will be broadcasted by TV and been on the internal big screen in the sport hall. It may be a part of a similar show that it takes place during video analysis in tennis.