Modena surely could be called one of the greatest volleyball cities, as many supporters of volleyball  came this Saturday to PalaPanini in the Italian town for watching the matches between #TeamTurkey vs. #TeamNetherlands and #TeamBulgaria vs. #TeamKazakhstan.


In the first match of the day Turkey and Netherlands gave us a lot of emotion and made us happy to watch them on the court. The Turkish girls won the match after losing the first set by 23-25. After that they received a full wake- up call and in the next two sets didn’t allow TeamNetherlands to react. The intrigue was back in the fourth set when it appeared that TeamNetherlands will make it to the fifth set by leading 22-16. But then came the surprise! The volleyball players around the Turkish head coach Massimo Barbolini turned the result in their favor and finally won 25-20.

Massimo Barbolini, head coach of Turkey: “It wasn’t easy for us, our opponent made it difficult for us and I’d like to congratulate them. We feel kind of regret right now because we didn’t start well in this WCH as I am talking about our first three matches in Trieste. Our aim now is to enter among the Top 10 teams.”

Gido Vermeulen, head coach of the Netherlands: “Our biggest problem is the lack of consistency. We have showed that we can play excellent but when we miss consistency happens what happened in the fourth set when we were so close to win it. Congratulations to Turkey”.

#TeamBulgaria didn’t met any serious problems in the second match of the day in PalaPanini. The girls of head coach Vladimir Kuziytkin played vs. #TeamKazakhstan and congratulated themselves with a straight win 3-0 (25:22; 25:15:25:13).  Anyway, despite the lack of intrigue in the match, PalaPanini was full of volleyball fans and the atmosphere was just wonderful. People from the Bulgarian national volleyball fan club supported their team, while in the other part of the sports hall there were some Kazalhstan’s supporters cheering up for their girls.

One of the most interesting things in this match was the appearance of the 4-years old assistant– coach of #TeamKazakhstan Sofia–Maria. She is the daughter of Kazakhstan’s star Tatyana Mudritskaya and is taking part in the trainings of the team by helping in the warming ups. She also helps her mothers’ teammates in the warming up before a game is actually part of the coach stuff! The little girl brought many smile on people’s faces in PalaPanini while #TeamKazakhstan reminded us that the positive energy is the key to love volleyball.

The head coach of Kazakhstan, Oleksandr Gutor told after the match that his team is here to learn and this is what they’re doing right now. “We are the World Championship and we have to remember it. These games help us to grow as a team”.

The head coach of Bulgaria Vladimir Kuzuyitkin congratulated his girls for showing good tactical discipline in the match vs.Kazakhstan: “I think that we were very effective and disciplined. The girls did all that I have told them to do and it was a very good match for us. Unfortunately one of our best players Dobriana Rabadzhieva got injured and has now a problems in the shoulder. We will definitely miss her in the match vs. The Netherlands but we will try to give our best and win”.

Bulgaria’s captain Strashimira Filipova was awarded after the match with the Award for most impressive player: “I am very happy to have received this award. I think that I and my teammates played on a high level. We will try to keep up with this rhythm and give our best vs. The Netherlands”.