Playing volleyball on the beach, at the gym, or on the grass is a terrific way to keep active and healthy. With a single partner or in a team, it’s a terrific way to stay engaged in social events. There are not many people that think volleyball is a good sport for your mind and for self-development, there are many benefits of playing volleyball and we will tell you four advantages of playing volleyball within this article.

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Enhanced Hand-eye Co-ordination

Hand-eye coordination is critical in volleyball, when serving, you must keep an eye on the ball and hit it at the appropriate place. If you’re playing defence, you need to anticipate where the ball is heading and get in position to make the play. In order to give your attackers a strong set, you need to have good hand-eye coordination and also communication.

Enhances Speed, Agility, and Balance

As a result of the game’s rapid pace and direction changes, a volleyball player must have a high level of technical and physical proficiency. When a game is underway, the players must do everything from serve to pass to set to attack to block to dig to get the ball back. Flexibility, balance, upper- and lower-body strength and quickness are all prerequisites for playing this sport. 

Helps Strengthens your Muscles

Almost every volleyball play necessitates a well-developed chest and core. Squatting mimics passing in this sport and you must use your legs to generate force as you pass in a real match.  There are many muscles involved when playing this sport but the most important one is the thigh muscle. Make sure your legs and arms are fully loaded, and then push up. To keep yourself safe, you’ll want powerful hands throughout your experience with volleyball.

Helps you Burn Fat and Calories

As a weight-loss or weight-maintenance strategy, volleyball is a great way to get in some exercise and burn calories. An hour of recreational, non-competition, non-beach volleyball may burn 80 to 150 calories, depending on weight, whereas an hour of competitive gym volleyball can burn anywhere from 130 to 180 calories.