Interesting situation in pool R and O. Germany still got a chance to qualify for the semi-final. Italy needs to beat France to play for medal.



In pool R Germany claimed easy victory in straight sets over Czech Republic. Guys of coach Jan Svoboda were apparently very tired after their exhausting battle against Brazil and managed to keep up the pace only during the first set. Czech team which played excellent in both attack and defense in previous games this time had serious problems with reception and found it difficult to stop Germans. Team of coach Raul Lozano was visibly better in the every element on pool and their blocks were a powerful weapon. Kromm and Grozer were leading their team to the victory. During the game setter Steuerwald suffered from an injury but even without him Germans were unstoppable. Gyorgy Grozer and his teammates will clash with Brazil in the battle for the semi-final. “Canarinhos” are of course favorite but Germans just before the world championship managed to win against them in friendly game and for sure want to repeat this result.

Germany-Czech Republic 3-0 (25-23, 25-18, 25-13)

Team squads:

Germany: Andrae (11), Bohme (3), Dunnes (5), Kromm (16), Steuerwald (2), Grozer (15), Tille (libero) and Schwarz, Tischer

Czech Republic: Konecny P. (2), Hudecek (6), Vesely (3), Stokr (6), Platenik (11), Tichacek, Krystof (libero) and Popelka, Holubec (5), Zapletal (1), Konecny D. (2)

USA and Italy clashed in the thrilling game in pool O. First set belonged to Americans who demolished Italians with their serve. Priddy, Lee and Stanley were playing with impressive efficiency and hosts of the world championship lost the first set 14-25. From the second set both teams showed a very good and fast volleyball and weren’t committing much errors. Fei and Savani were top-scorers for their teams and mostly thanks to their play Italy managed to win the match. Italians who didn’t show their best skills in the previous games this time were absolutely concentrated and proved that they are still one of the best teams in the world. Even with one defeat on their account, Americans still can qualify for the semi-final. Everything is up to the result of the rivalry between Italy and France.

USA-Italy 1-3 (25-14, 23-25, 26-28, 22-25)

Team squads:

USA: Rooney (14), Lee (8), Priddy (19), Stanley (20), Hansen (2), Holt (4), Lambourne (libero) and Lotman, Winder,Holmes (3)

Italy: Mastrangelo (8), Parodi (2), Vermiglio (2), Savani (16), Fei (17), Sala (9), Marra (libero) and Lasko, Travica, Birarelli, Cernic (12), Zaytsev (1)