This question will be asked by Vakifbank Istanbul coach Giovanni Guidetti to Bahar Toksoy, the middle blocker of Vakifbank and Turkey National Team.



Giovanni Guidetti and Bahar Toksoy decided to unite their lives and make their love official. What is more, Guidetti announced that he will give an engagement ring for Toksoy on the 23rd of August while they merry each other just after the European Championships on September 20, 2013.   

Giovanni Guidetti: “I am honoured to be in Turkey for 5 years and to work for Turkish sports. Moreover, I am very happy that I can start my family here.”

Bahar Toksoy: ” I am very happy to unite my life with Giovanni Guidetti, with whom I experienced numerous successes. We would like to thank the volleyball community and the sports community for their support.”

Guidetti is an author of the greatest successes of Vakifbank Istanbul. Last season, he led Bahar Toksoy and her teammates to 47 wins and no failure including the Turkish League, Cup of Turkey and Champions League

So what could we say: Congratulations on your engagement. We hope they will make each other extremely happy!

It will not be the first “Volleyball couple”.  For instance, Nataliya Gonacharova got merried Alexey Obmoachaev two years ago, Simona Rinieri shered her nuptial bed with Angel Dennis (unfortunately got divorced), Enrique De la Fuente lives with Kinga Maculewicz, while Bernardo Rezende spends his life with Fernanda Venturini.