Greek Volleyball Championship 2009-2010 begins this Saturday 10/10/2009. Olympiakos and Panathinaikos had both strong teams but also Iraklis Thessalonikis and EA Patron will figth for the best place.



Last year Olympiakos has returned to the top of Greek volleyball after six years. This summer team of Olympiakos had spend lots of money to bring German setter Simon Tischer (from Iraklis) and Oli Kounari and Leonardo Caldeira to his team. Also by keeping Ivan Miljkovic and the young star Dimitris Djuric seems to be the perfect team to win the championship once more. 

On the other hand Panathinaikos who had some economical problems in the begining of the summer had kept Liberman Agamez and aslo brought Guillaume Samica, Polands National team basic setter Pawel Zagumny, Nikos Smaragdis (from Iraklis), Kostas Xristofidelis and Axillea Papadimitriou (both from Olympiakos).

This summer in EA Patron they have invested good money in strengthening their their team by bringing Jose Rivera (from Olympiakos) and Israel Rodriguez. Also they had kept two Bulgarians stars Boyan Yordanov and Andrey Zekhov.

All European volleyball fans knows Iraklis Thessalonikis for the 5 Finals Four which played in the last 10 years and for the crazy fans who always follows the team in every european match. This year Iraklis Thessalonikis had some economical problems and forced to spent less money that the previous years. Iraklis had brought Mitja Gasparini, Cala Yosleyder, Kamil Baranek, Czech blocker Jiri Kral Greek national team setter Kostas Prousalis (from Paok) and libero Babalioutas Lambis (from Aris).

Other teams which had also invested in Greek famous players is Aris Thessalonikis by bringing Nikos Roumeliotis and Paok by bringing setter Bozidis Theodoros and libero Dimitrakopoulos. Lamia brought Komel Alan, Roljic Branco, Rodman Valera and the American player Curt Toppel.

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