Passionate about playing volleyball, but struggling to reach your goals? Knowledge and practice are power in volleyball. Learn how to be the best volleyball player to improve your skills today!

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To give you a brief on how this sport is played, it is a team game needing six players on each side. A team scores when the ball hits the ground of the opponent team under certain criteria.

Three players should stand at the front row, and three at the back for each team. A player can’t hit the ball twice consecutively. The ball is considered “out” when it hits the floor outside the court, the ceiling outside the playable area, an antennae, and the referee stands.

Where to Focus?

We would love to get to the details of all the rules, however, this article is dedicated to how to be the best volleyball player. Anyhow, let us get to it!


To begin, the techniques involved in volleyball that all players must follow are:

  • Serving
  • Passing
  • Setting
  • Hitting
  • Blocking and
  • Digging


Techniques are important in volleyball, so is the fitness of the player. A volleyball player must have muscular endurance, flexibility, agility, speed, considerable muscular strength, balance, coordination, and power.


A volleyball player must use tactics surrounding the six basic techniques of volleyball that we have talked about at the beginning. You must be able to serve under pressure, switch from aggressive to conservative approach (and vice versa), to pass tough floaters, incorporate powerful but flexible footwork, attack and block opponents.


Even though volleyball is a physical sport, it demands mental toughness. As a volleyball player, you must be able to focus on things that you can control, be confident on the court, be able to control your emotions before and during the game, and be able to visualize patterns of your team members and the opponents.


Coordination is crucial in a team setting. Not only should you help other team members to cooperate with you, you must also coordinate with them.

An imbalanced team is unlikely to win. The opponents can see through your weakness when your team is uncoordinated, and they will take advantage of it.

Practicing and spending time with the same team over and over again is key to coordination.


Who would have thought that personality counted in a volleyball game? But it does! An elite volleyball player must demonstrate the following personality traits:

  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Expertise
  • Understanding of the game
  • Motivation
  • Ball control
  • Team communication skills
  • Pivoting skills
  • Emotional intelligence

Body Build

The physical build of the volleyball player is important because this sport involves high stamina and good athleticism. You must work out almost every day to keep a strong body.

Cardio exercises like biking, climbing, and jogging. Volleyball requires you to have excellent stamina, and cardio can help you build your stamina. Also, to improve jumps in the sport, you must do squats, its variations, lunges, and deadlifts.


The ability to regenerate physically and emotionally after exhaustion is another significant trait of a successful volleyball player. Sometimes, you may be losing in the game, but letting yourself down emotionally for that will set the outcome to failure.

Instead, recharge yourself emotionally and physically even when things look bad. You may or may not win. But you will definitely change the situation from bad to good.

Final Say

In all, these are the main factors on how to be the volleyball player that needs to be nurtured time and time again to improve your skills. The reality is that all these qualities can’t be developed overnight, but a slow, gradual development is needed.

We hope that you found the information in this article useful. Keep upgrading yourself!