Volleyball is one of those sports that have been around for as long as we can remember. This game doesn’t have as many professional leagues like other major sports such as soccer and basketball, but it has been successful in maintaining an immense level of interest in the hearts of most people especially the people living in the United States, Brazil and Russia.

Volleyball gained most of its popularity when it was featured in the Olympics of 1924 for the very first time and after that, the game took off all on its own. This sport is amazing to watch and can be played indoors, outdoors, beaches and even on pools! This helped the game to gain countless viewers from all around the world throughout the years. Its popularity is rapidly increasing by the day is expected to reach the same level of popularity as soccer or even basketball!

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With its escalading popularity, volleyball attracted many bettors from all over the world. Seeing this as an opportunity, many online betting sites started offering a huge lineup of volleyball betting odds. If you live in Oregon and are looking to expand your knowledge on how to bet on Volleyball games, you have come to the right place. Through this article we will help you understand how to bet on Volleyball games in Oregon.

How to Place Your Bets on Volleyball?

Unlike other sports, volleyball is not widely celebrated and has very few available leagues so betting on volleyball games can be a bit tricky. Due to the lack of leagues in this sport, betters have a hard time finding good odds all year round. But that doesn’t stop the betting.

Although there are many different strategies that most bettors use but we will be discussing the best proven ones so you know exactly which ones to use while placing your money on a Volleyball game.

Match Betting

The match betting option is very easy and straight forward. People place their bets on a team they think has a better chance of winning the game. You win the bet if your predicted team wins – it’s that simple!

This option doesn’t require much knowledge and even amateurs can get lucky. Bookies usually offer odds in fractions and the payouts are usually small. You might stumble upon a high-paying payout if you bet on the underdog team. It’s always better to check all the offers offered by the bookie and see if you have a shot at winning the big bucks.

Point Spread

If a match is set between two unevenly matched teams and one team has a greater advantage over the other team. In Point Spread, each playing team is given a specific point and they must win or lose by those points. Suppose the point spread is 30, so the team has to win by 30 points or more for you to win the bet.

This method requires good knowledge about the game and the teams playing. This strategy is a bit risky but there are many people who prefer it because there is a chance of winning the bet even if their team loses, they might still get paid if the point spread is not met.

Point Totals

The point totals strategy focuses on whether the total combined points scored by both the teams are over or under the points set by the bookie. It doesn’t matter which team wins the game, all you have to worry about is the total score of each team after the match.

Set Betting

Set betting works exactly as it sounds. Bettors have to correctly guess the outcome of each set to win the bet. This strategy is quite risky and requires a good knowledge of the game and the players on the on the team.

Bottom Line

Volleyball betting is never always about luck. You need proper knowledge of the game and strategies if you are looking to cash out big payouts. So we came up with this article to expand your knowledge on the online volleyball betting scenario and help you understand how to bet on Volleyball games in Oregon.