Volleyball is not quite up there with the most popular sports in the world, but what is the reason for that?

One of the issues is that in many areas around the world, volleyball is not made particularly accessible, and in this guide,  we’re exploring the ways in which we can make it more appealing and easier for young people to start playing the sport.

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However, if you chat to children in schools, there won’t be as many saying they want to be a volleyball star as there are saying that they want to be a football star.

Provide facilities

Volleyball needs a court. It is not hard to convert a basketball court or another indoor sports court, which means that schools may be able to incorporate volleyball into their physical education programs or at least provide kids with the chance to get involved with the sport.

One of the biggest challenges for young people is finding somewhere they can play. If the local community is able to put facilities in place then there is every chance that the youngsters will get involved and play with their friends.

Courts don’t even have to be at a professional standard for young people to get involved and try their hand at the sport.

Make sure kids are taught the rules

To make things accessible, we need to make sure that kids know how to play. We can’t expect them to get involved if they don’t know how.

Schools have the option to incorporate volleyball, but it isn’t played anywhere near as often as some other sports, which means a lot of youngsters don’t know the rules.

Volleyball clubs are another fantastic way to do this, and you can encourage children to take the plunge and get involved. Once they give it a go, who knows how far their volleyball career can actually take them?

Enhance skills, but don’t judge based on them

People are more likely to stick with a sport if they are getting better and can see signs of improvement. Whether it is improving your jumping or learning more techniques regarding the sport, there is always something new to pick up.

At the same time, and to keep the sport inclusive, you need to make sure that you don’t judge people based on their ability. For example, think about the time at school when you felt left out due to not being as good at something as some of the other kids. We all need to try and create an environment where everyone feels they are able to try their hand.

Try to encourage more coverage of volleyball

People might only see volleyball when it is on television, and this is likely to be occasional, at events such as the Olympics. This is one of the reasons why so many young people love sports like basketball – there is a lot of coverage of the sport and this means that people follow and idolize some of the biggest stars in the sport.

Make sure people know it isn’t just a beach sport

This is a big challenge, but making volleyball more accessible for young people also entails changing their perception. We often see people playing the sport at the beach. Beach volleyball is very popular and this means that some people don’t even realize that it can be played elsewhere.

Incorporate schemes like sitting volleyball

Even people with significant impairments and disabilities should be able to get involved with volleyball. There is absolutely no reason why people should be left out, and some of the best brains out there are coming up with ideas to make the sport more accessible. Sitting volleyball is a fantastic way to help people to get involved if they have a disability or problems with mobility.

Volleyball is one of those sports that can be adapted, and not a lot of people realize this or consider the sport as a possibility for disabled people.


It is important to ensure that everyone has the option to try as many sports as possible, and volleyball is a fantastic way to stay fit. Schools, in particular, can do a lot to help young people to give volleyball a try.