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Playing volleyball might be the focus of your life, and there is nothing wrong with that. But, against the backdrop of the pandemic over the last year and a half, finding something to do when you are away from the court suddenly became a necessity.

With so many facilities closed down, it was not just a case of finding something to do in the time you would have normally spent playing, but a way of maintaining your mental well-being with everything else that was going on. Now things are returning to the way they used to be, some of those distractions can be used to help you relax when you are away from the court. However, if you a bored with doing any of those things, here are some other suggestions.

#1 Play games online

Clearly, you’ve got that competitive urge, and that can come in handy when playing games online. They aren’t all about pretending you’ve got a machine gun or are an elf or wizard, especially if you’re looking to play a game on a mobile device. Other genres of games exist like simulation games where you might ‘run’ a farm or island or ‘match 3’ type games you will have seen others playing. Another popular type of game is traditional ones, including board games, card games, and the range of games found at

#2 Boost your cooking skills

Nutrition is an important part of any sportsperson’s success, so taking time to look at improving your cooking skills will have a positive effect on your performance on the court and provide a way to relax off it. There is a multitude of recipes available online, both in written and video form, to keep you occupied and give you as much practice as you need. There are, of course, the extra added benefits of inviting others around to try your latest creation, and that social element can have further positive effects on your mental health.

#3 Try a new ‘old school’ hobby

It seems like in this day and age, the most popular hobby is doom scrolling through the endless stream of bad news on social media. While this definitely passes the time, it might not always be the best use of it. So instead of using technology, there are options where you can put the phone to one side and take up an old-school hobby like drawing, knitting, or crochet. While you might think these were things only Grandmas did, the popularity of ‘old school’ hobbies is on the rise and could even help with concentration and coordination.

Final thoughts

In many cases, how time is spent away from the sport is just as important as the time spent playing, practicing, and training. So, with mental health very much in the spotlight in the wake of the last 18 months and of some high profile stories at the Olympics, learning to relax when away from the court could be more important than ever.