Canadian opposite Gavin Schmitt set new record. He has beaten his old record of 57 points in Korean volleyball league by one point.



Well that was interesting, can’t really feel my legs… Broke my own record though, guess that’s kinda cool,” said Gavin on his facebook page.


How is it possible to make 58 points? You need to play five sets and receive a lot of sets, block and serve like monster. Gavin scored 52 points in attack, 4 in block a 2 aces. Gavin is impressive jumper and attacker. With his physical parameters he is the KING in Korea!


Top 5 best world scores:

1. Gavin Schmitt (Canada) 58 points
2. Gavin Schmitt (Canada) 57 points
3. Liberman Agamez (Columbia) 55 points
4. James Nyang’au Ontere (Kenya) 53 points
5. Ernardo Gomez (Venezuela) 51 points