An international Volleyball clinic featuring Hugh McCutcheon, i.e. the coach who headed the US team to gold medal at the Beijing Olympics last year, is scheduled for next October 3-4 in Campobasso, Italy.



The event is organized under the patronage of the Italian Volleyball Federation in partnership with the Italian Association of Volleyball Physical Trainers. Mr. McCutcheon will be discussing there a series of captivating topics, including the data collection and its role in the decision-making process all coaches have to undergo in their job, the different coaching approach to be applied to male and female Volleyball players and also sum up the long way he has been going through up to the golden days he celebrated in Beijing along with the American team.
Apart from the former US coach, the clinic will include a series of additional contributions and lectures, with the attendance of Mauro Moretti, who is currently coaching the Italian girls’ national team, Alessandro Guazzaloca, physical trainer of the Russian guys competing right now at the CEV European Championships 2009 in Turkey, Prof. Andrea Celani, President of the Italian Association of Volleyball Physical Trainers, and a few more.
The Italian Volleyball Federation and the organizers of the clinic are ready to welcome coaches from all over Europe for this prestigious seminar which stands out as a chance to tackle with some of the current trends to be found in Volleyball coaching.
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A detailed program of the clinic