After some tragic decisions of Greek authorities Iraklis Thessalonikis finally but fair won the Greek Championship.

For many years lot of useless people exercises their stupidity trying to handle Greek Championship Management. Of course they have FAILED. Some of them love volleyball but they are not able even to handle the management of a small a team. The majority of Greek teams presidents and managers are really dangerous and hazard for volleyball because they do it for publicity and public relations.


This year the president of Iraklis Thessalonikis Theofilos Kolibatzis a great businessman gave his money and his heart and finally succeeds to won the fifth champion in Iraklis Thessalonikis history.

Andreas Kravaric was voted as the MVP of the championship but as he admitted this title might be shared with Kostas Xristofidelis.

Another great president Mr Dimitris Palaioportas managed to create in Syros a very reliable and effective team who grab the chance and played in the finals against Iraklis. One of the basic sponsors of Finikas Syros team the company of Wind organized a small celebration as a gift for this special performance.


For the next year Greece will not have any team in European Champions League after the decision of Iraklis to not participate. Also Finikas will not play in the top of European’s Championship because there is not a volleyball court in Syros following CEV standards. Next year both Finikas and Olympiakos teams will play in the European Challenge Cup.