No one likes to be kept waiting, that’s for sure, but in spite of this, it still happens. It’s the same for the Iranian volleyball team, who declared that the US had “detained” them for hours at a U.S. Chicago airport. Tensions between the two countries were already existent, but now that this incident has occurred, they may rise even higher.

Will the Iranian men volleyball team still be an option for volleyball bets on sites like as a favorite for volley fans? We can only see how things unfold between the US and Iran from now on.

What Exactly Happened?

On Monday, Iran had to file a diplomatic protest against the US under the reason that their male volleyball team has been kept waiting in the Chicago airport for hours. According to the Islamic Republic News Agency, four hours were wasted during which the team members were interrogated, not long after they landed.

“If American cannot host all the teams fairly and neutrally, its better stop hosting sports events,” said Mohsen Baharvand, Iranian foreign ministry for US affairs. The ministry has filed this complaint to Tehran through the Swiss ambassador.

FIVB, the International Volleyball Federation, has also declared in a statement that it wasn’t unaware of the issues the volleyball team has encountered and was concerned. Apparently, not every one of the Iranian delegations has been held in the airport for 4-hour worth of interrogation, but those who were detained were truly not pleased about it.

Is It Only Really About Volleyball?

Recently, there had been some tension increasing between Iran and the US. Given Tehran was increasing uranium enrichment, President Donald Trump has re-introduced economic sanctions in 2018 after he has withdrawn from a 2015 nuclear deal. Apparently, it was announced last month that the White House will cancel sanction waivers on eight countries that will keep buying Iranian oil. Therefore, the relationship between the two countries was already shaky as it was.

Furthermore, threats were also there, which is why there was an increase in military presence in the Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf. There were apparent warnings about possible attacks on American interest and Positions from Iran.

“This is politics. I don’t know why they did it. Do our athletes have anything else to do but play sports? Their approach is not logical” declared Iran’s Volleyball Federation president.

The team is going to play against Poland on Thursday and Brazil on Friday. We can only hope the tensions will not rise higher. All we can do in the meantime is support the teams and bet on volleyball.