Along with many other sports around the world, we’re starting to see some volleyball events begin again as the world heads into a period of recovery, but as with many other sporting events there are a great number of challenges to overcome during the pandemic that have left some with a bit of uncertainty – so what should you keep in mind?

Operator changes may impact odds – During this period of time there has been a number of changes to different betting operators around the world – some have been given more authority as registration was made mandatory, others have been impacted by a change to credit card usage which has prevented their use in these online sites – despite this, betting sites not on gamestop are similar but may offer different odds throughout different sports.

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There’s going to be some upsets – As we’ve seen across other sports, it’s important to keep in mind that there’s going to be some upsets in results. As athletes may not have had the opportunity to train in their team setting as much as they’d usually like, or just being a little out of shape, it will have a big impact on the games. Many are also looking to be played at an enhanced schedule too as many leagues look to fit as many games as possible into a shorter period of time, because of this some players may be at more risk of injury particularly because of the different schedule or lack of training, or being burnt out, and this may have a big impact on the games too.

We may yet see cancellations – Perhaps not so much on a domestic level, but there is still the big possibility that international competitions will remain on hold once again – if you’re looking at your favourite bookies and see a scheduled international event in the near future it may be worth it to hold off on betting until a little closer to the time. Many other sports are being quite strict on how they allow different divisions to compete and international competitions across all sports will remain on hold for quite some time, so approaching these specific games with caution may be important.

Don’t be in a rush – Most importantly, don’t be in a rush to start betting on volleyball again just because the option is there! With a little more risk than usual and other factors that may impact your chances of winning, now may be the time to just simply enjoy the sport without having a vested interest in one team or another winning – wait until things smooth out a little and many of the teething issues are solved before looking to place your bet, and you may have some more success than you would have otherwise – betting responsibly is the key here, and as such don’t be in such a huge rush to get back to doing so just because the option is available to you.