It seems that the Bulgarian volleyball federation is often an object of scandals. Sometimes this scandals are true, and sometimes they’re not.



As already well known- there is a big scandal between BFV and Radostin Stoytchev and Matey Kaziyski on the other side.

We are all free to express our opinion about this problem.

But there are some rumors spread across the media that the Bulgarian volleyball federation refused to help the Polish player Michał Winiarski after he got injured on a practice past Friday right before the two last games vs. Bulgaria in the International Round of FIVB World League 2013 in Varna, Bulgaria.

Because of the injury Winiarski couldn’t take part in the games and the Polish team lost two times, respectively 0:3, 2:3

It seems that there are people who claim that the Bulgarian volleyball federation refused to help the Polish player. But the information spread also claims that the man, who was taking care of the Polish national team in Bulgaria, helped the team and so the Polish medical stuff had the opportunity to make the ultrasound.

We, the volleycountry community, are always searching for both sides when writing on an issue.

This is why we offer you here the opinion of the Bulgarian side – The Bulgarian volleyball federation, as we are trying to provide you useful information and we’ll keep you up-to-date to the problem between BFV and Winiarski, so we’d all find out the truth about this situation.

Statement of BFV in front of some Bulgarian media:

This is ridiculous. We just don’t have ultrasound in the sportshall, neither do we have it in the hotel rooms. But there was our representative with them all the time. After Winiarski got injured, we helped him to go to a medical centre, where medical stuff took care of him. We don’t know nothing about this rumors.”


Alexander Vinaliev, who was Director of organisation issues for the games in FIVB World League in Bulgaria told : “ After Winiarski got injured, the guide of the Polish team- Georgi Turlakov, took him to the Emergency with his personal car. Doctors there made a manual medical examination and ultrasound also. Later this day, I personally met on the airport doctor Sokal, who didn’t agree with the diagnosis. I called dr. Lazar Pashkov, boss of the sports centre, and so Winiarski was able to went through the best possible ultrasound. After the second examination, both Winiarski and Sokal were pleased. I don’t know nothing more about the other rumors.”

It seems that everything is alright, huh?