At the amateur level, volleyball remains a popular sport at both the high school and college levels. From amateur players, each country is able to assemble a top-notch group of its best volleyball players for international competition. When it’s time for the Olympics and World Championship competitions, the audiences are there for support of the sport.

Professional Volleyball

With their amateur playing days limited to international competitions, top volleyballs players are provided options related to making a career out of playing the sport. Throughout the world, professional beach volleyball has really caught on as a great spectator sport. Spectators are lining up for live events and major sports TV channels are offering viewership of the world’s top leagues and events. In some countries, professional indoor volleyball is also seeing a rise in viewership in some parts of Europe.

Betting on Volleyball

The increased interest in professional and amateur volleyball is not confined to just spectators. It appears gamblers are starting to show interest in betting on volleyball matches other than the Olympics and world competitions that have long been carried as a betting market. This interest has not been lost on online bookmakers that strive to provide its customers with a large variety of betting markets from which to choose.

The increased interest in betting on volleyball has created a desire for volleyball organizations to provide statistical information that can be used to handicap volleyball matches. The gamblers who invest a significant amount of time analyzing volleyball matches are usually well versed on star players, team rankings and head-to-head past performances at both the amateur and professional levels. No one is implying that volleyball exists because gamblers are willing to gamble on it. Quite the opposite, it’s the popularity of the sport that has drawn the interest of gamblers and top bookmakers.

How to Bet on Volleyball

It’s true that not all online bookmakers like Unibet are going to offer betting markets related to either amateur or professional volleyball. With that said, most of the top online bookmaking operators do offer betting odds on volleyball matches year-round. The odds are often stated in the same manner as European football matches without the use of point spreads. Instead, bookmakers are able to use the same statistical information being used by handicappers to come up with odds that have proven to be remarkably fair. The industry has actually gotten to the point where future odds bets are being offered on the final outcomes of major volleyball events, both indoor and outdoors.

The biggest downside to betting on beach volleyball matches is the inability of bookmakers to post early odds on matches that are being played later in the day after previous rounds have been settled earlier the same day. Only gamblers on the alert are usually able to catch lines when posted.

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