After ten years of waiting, Final Six of World League will be held in Italy again.



For the last few weeks there was a lot of rumors going on. Besides Italy also Iran applied to FIVB for the organization. Today’s news is that Final Six is back in Europe. Host cities are still unknow but probabbly it will be one of Rome-Pesaro-Bologna trio. Finals will be held in July (16-20). Of course, one of the organization privileges is being automatically qualified to finals.

Pool division

1st division
Pool A: Brazil, Italy, Poland, Iran
Pool B: Russia, Serbia, USA, Bulgarian

2nd divison
Pool C: Belgium, Canada, Australia, Finland
Pool D: Argentina, Germany, France, Japan
Pool E: Netherlands, Portugal, S. Korea, Czech Republic

3rd divison
Pool F: Tunisia, Turkey, Cuba, Spain
Pool G: China, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Slovakia