It was necessary to play 24(!) sets to settle the second semifinal of PlusLiga – between ZAKSA Kedzierzyn-Kozle and Jastrzebski Wegiel.

It was very hard and exhausting duel for both teams. Four out of five matches ended in tie-break, none ended in three sets. In this semifinal played two very equal teams. Unfortunately, someone had to lose. And this time it was ZAKSA.
Match on Tuesday, so as three previous ended up in tie-break, which was completed by Patryk Czarnowski’s ace. Igor Yudin had played a very good match – opposite from Jastrzebie had scored 24 points and that’s why he received MVP prize. Jakub Jarosz from ZAKSA also played well but unfortunately in the tie-break (8:5) he had to leave the court because of contraction of calf muscle.

Jastrzebie, after two-year break will again compete for gold in Polish championship. The final is starting at 6th May in Bełchatow and will be played until 3 victories.

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