Owls head coach, will not continue in their work due to personal problems. However, he will continue as Julio Velasco assistant on the Iran national team in 2011 Japan World Cup.



The coach left a list of future coaches, which is analyzed by the leadership to his imminent engagement. Meanwhile, staff training resumed looking to improve their performance in Serie A1 Argentina League in which records four defeats.


A few weeks ago, Cichello celebrated the first consecration of Iran in the Asian championship after beating China in the final and secured a place in the World Cup. Those responsible for the Iranian selected offered the former Argentina’s children and youth squads coach to continue the role of assistant Velasco in Japan.


At present, the coach Julio Velasco is revered as a national hero after getting the first goal in its ambitious project that aims to classify the 2012 London Olympics. With the continental title will fight for one of three places that will distribute the tournament which starts on November 20.


Results of Villa Maria Volleyball League in Argentina:

Date 1: Bella Vista 3 vs. Villa Maria Voley 1
Date 2: Buenos Aires United 2 vs Villa Maria Voley 0
Date 3: PSM Voley 3 vs Villa Maria Voley 2
Date 4: Boca Rio Uruguay Insurance 3 vs Villa Maria Voley 0



Drean Bolívar 12
Boca Rio Uruguay Insurance 9
Catamarca Volley 8
PSM Volley 7
Buenos Aires United 7
Formosa Union 7
Bella Vista 6
South Giants 5
Jujuy Volley 1
Sarmiento 1