Wednesday afternoon, in the Marriot Plaza Hotel in Buenos Aires, Julio Velasco was presented as the new Argentinean male volleyball team coach, after the dismissal of Javier Weber in December 2013.


Finally, the prophet returned to its own land. After 32 years of success in European and Asian volleyball, Julio Velasco arranged its departure from Iran and his arrival home: since this Wednesday and until Rio 2016, he will command the male national team.

“I’m very proud of being Argentina’s coach. I was very anxious and I am now very thrilled with this opportunity. The main idea is that people feel proud of the team: I can’t promise any results, but I can ensure that a very good work will be done. I want more people to play volleyball” said Velasco, visibly touched and shedding tears. “I also want to agree the Iranian federation and people. They completely understood me and let me go before the end of my contract. I am very thankful to them” he ended.

Juan Antonio Gutierrez, president of the Argentinean federation (FeVA) highlighted the importance of Velasco’s arrival and thanked Javier Weber for his services.

Velasco’s working group has not been yet made official, but it is known that Julian Alvarez (former U-18 coach) will be one of his main assistants. Official work will start in April, with lots of expectations and a renewed dream.