Each one of us has the inner feeling that if we had a chance to repeat the match we would play differently and the result would be different too,” said Polish libero.




We are angry on ourselves for that match, because we did not show our skills. It was possible to defeat Italy,” said Ignaczak with regret.

Polish senior men’s national team had great success in Vienna, however, Krzysztof Ignaczak still recalls failure with Italy. “This match was not a good one,” said Polish libero.

Still the white-and-reds made a great surprise to everyone when they defeated Russia the next day. “The Russian national team lead by coach Alekno represents a high sport level. For everyone they were the favorites of this match. Russia lost with Serbia 2:3 what placed them in a difficult situation and reduced their optimism. We used the situation by showing the character and proving we know how to fight.

I was also happy to see them looping the match,” said Krzysztof Ignaczak. “After a weak match against Italy some kind of a feeling was born in us. It helped us to defeat Russia. We entered the court relaxed, concentrated and having the awareness of a chance standing in front of us. And so we won. At the very end of the match I could see resignation in the eyes of Russians.

source: PZPS.pl