When looking at the collegiate volleyball level we almost always see women in the foreground. We are now looking at an impressive 1,500 college volleyball programs that are exclusively created for women. When looking at volleyball programs for men we only have around 80 to consider. Over 50% of these programs do not include a scholarship opportunity.

Just as you most likely anticipated, the volleyball scholarships are quite different from one another. We do have opportunities for both women and men but it is important to know where to look. At the same time a huge part of being successful in getting a volleyball scholarship relates to selling yourself to college volleyball coaches.

The most important thing at the end of the day is to be aware of what scholarships are available. Then, you want to increase your chances of being accepted. The volleyball scholarships now available and that you have to know about are the following.

NCAA – Division I

The NCAA Division I features 247 schools that have women’s volleyball sponsoring programs. The ones that are the most appreciated are Penn State and Nebraska. For men you can find 23 school programs, with the powerhouses being Pepperdine and UCLA. There are 12 scholarships available for men and 4.5 for men. This practically means that the scholarships for men are just equivalency grants. For women the grants are full.

NCAA – Division II

With this option we have around 310 women programs, with just 12 being offered for men. The number of scholarships available for men in Division II is 8. Men have the same 4.5 ratio. However, the difference is that partial rides will be common and the scholarships are normally going to be divided up.

NCAA – Division III

In Division III NCAA volleyball we have 421 teams for women and 48 for men. Volleyball scholarships are not currently available for this option. However, academic scholarships can be earned in order to deal with schooling costs. Also, the students that have really good grades would get the aid without counting against NCAA team limits.

NJCAA – Division I

The junior-college level of NJCAA Division I offers 103 programs for women. The NJCAA schools give women access to 14 scholarships. Coverage is different from program to program. It can include fees, books, board, rooms and tuition.

NJCAA – Division II

120 schools are now involved in Division II for women at juco level. Just like with Division I of NJCAA, there are 14 scholarships that are available. The main difference is that room and board cannot be included in what is offered.

NJCAA – Division III

In NJCAA Division III you can find 76 programs for women but athletic scholarships are not going to be available.


As you can see, there is a huge difference between programs available for women and programs available for men. However, volleyball scholarships are available. Based on the desired level, it is important to learn all that is possible about the scholarships that could be obtained. Some will be much better than others.

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