The members of the Bulgarian Volleyball Federation’s Executive Committee held a meeting today focusing on the national teams, the international calendar for 2015 and Slavia VC’s claim against the captain of the Italian side Trento and ex-Bulgarian national team player Matey Kaziyski.

The performance of the national teams in both genders and all age groups was thoroughly analysed, as the Federation’s President Dancho Lazarov reveals:



“We have discussed and analysed the performance of our men’s and women’s national teams in great detail. We have drawn the respective conclusions as to why the teams failed to achieve better results and, accordingly, we will take the necessary measures for the next target period. A couple of days ago I had a meeting with Plamen Konstantinov. He completely agrees with our evaluation that the Federation must take measures with regards to helping him and his coaching staff to make sure the players coming to the national team pre-season camps are in their best current health and physical condition.”

“Taking into account that one of the main problems for the male national volleyball team during this, may I say unsuccessful year, was that the players came to the training camp too late, unprepared and in a poor physical condition, followed by the marathon-like travel schedules, there wasn’t time for preparations and that is why the results were such as they were. On that regard, we will compel all players to enter the first training camps in the best of form. Their self-control must be at a very high level”, Lazarov added.

On that note, Plamen Konstantinov’s contract with the National team will be extended, expectedly by two more years until after the Olympics in Rio. Not the same fate befell Vladimir Kuzyutkin – the head coach of the women’s national team – however, as his contract was not extended. Petar Dochev remains the head coach of the women’s junior national team, while Dragan Ivanov and Radoslav Bakardzhiev will be the national teams’ coaches for boys and girls respectively.

Last but not least, the volleyball federation backed Slavia VC’s financial claim towards their former player and current captain of Energy T.I. Diatec Trentino Matey Kaziyski. Slavia’s President Vladimir Simeonov claims that Kaziyski signed a contract with the club after he turned 18 according to which the player has to pay €180 000, otherwise he would remain legally owned by Slavia. Therefore, as Kaziyski has not paid that amount and has been playing for other volleyball clubs, the Volleyball Federation is threatening to ask CEV and/or FIVB to stop his playing rights:

“We give Matey time until 15 March 2015 to call us and help us settle our disagreements like normal people. If the player does not comply within that deadline, then our Federation must act according to the CEV and FIVB rules. And such actions include a suspension of playing rights”, Simeonov explains.