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Visit any popular beach around the world, and you might end up being a spectator at a game of beach volleyball. Volleyball is popular with players and spectators, as the movements look very elegant depending on the level of play and come with absolute ease.

However, what seems so easy is often the result of years of training and perfect technique, which is what matters in volleyball. When volleyball is played on a professional level, many muscles of the human body are used. Endurance training should not be neglected, even if it is not nearly as important as other sports with a higher proportion of running.  

Volleyball can teach you to ‘go for it!’

What if you are just a spectator of the sport? Whether you want to watch a repeat of a football game or a snooker live stream, you can utilize online platforms to the very best of their abilities. As a watcher, you can still grab many useful skills and sporting information that can be hugely beneficial. 

There are many big tournaments in volleyball, and many players start young. If you have had an interest in volleyball, then maybe you have overlooked what it can do for you.

Lesson: The opposing team has not lost a match in 2 years? All players are 2 meters tall and hit floor-to-ceiling? So, what! Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Every game starts at 0: 0, so use the opportunities that arise and enjoy every point. If it doesn’t work, learn from it and do it better next time!  People who are afraid make mistakes and cannot reach their full potential. This applies to both professional and private life. Fears are often unfounded. So, think carefully- What am I afraid of and what can, in the worst case, happen? Often the consequences are not to be feared. Therefore: get out your chest and tackle the situation, no matter how uncomfortable it may be at first! Afterwards, you feel better, and you can be proud to have clarified the situation.

Get prepared to take a risk! 

The Tokyo Olympics are fast approaching, and you will be able to see firsthand how fast and furious this sport is. Volleyball is an aggressive sport in which mistakes can and must happen. Time to take a risk! Train hard and be brave! Always swimming with the flow is boring in the long run. So, feel free to express your opinion out loud, even if it may be unpopular at the moment. Have the courage and risk offending yourself. That is what volleyball can teach you. 

Be flexible with your decisions and choices!

Volleyball is a game for bright minds. Always just a crowbar and with your head through the wall is never the solution. Instead, touching balls into the gaps of the opponent or even crazy passes can be the way to the goal. So, feel free to try often – only then will you know what is right for you, this applies to both jobs and private life. Why work in always the same way, perhaps for a different way faster and more successfully to the goal? If not, then you have at least tried something and learned something new. Don’t get stuck on the only seemingly possible solution! Even if politics says otherwise, there is no alternative to any situation!