Aroma Turkish Women’s Volleyball League will be played in 4 major cities in 2012-13 season. 12 teams will be representing those cities with 7 teams from Istanbul, 2 from Ankara, 2 from Bursa and 1 from Konya. Play-offsystem will again be in place with the first 8 teams .



Major changes of this year is that TVF has a new president and board members. The target, of this new team led by Ozkan Mutlugil, is to increase numbers of licensed players and enlarge the league with more teams in the future; this action accordingly make teams gain experience by playing more games and this will be reflected to National teams.

On the other hand new transfers to Aroma Turkish Women’s Volleyball will make the league interesting as they are so beautiful, strong and skilled. When we take a glance to the newcomers, Serbian Brizitka Molnar & Italian Simona Gioli joined Galatasaray; Serbian Alexandra Petrovic transferred to Eczacıbaşı ; Polish Berenika Okuniewska, Brazilian Paula Pequeno & Marianne Steinbrecher came to Fenerbahce; Kristin Richards from USA & Polish Karolina Kosek joined Yeşilyurt ; Cuban Yaima Ortiz & Brazilian Raquel Peluci Silva transferred to Sarıyer ; Croatian Mia Jerkov & Argentinian Georgiana Pinedo came to Bursa BB ; Ukranian Olena Sych, Serbian Mina Tomic & Nellie Spicer from USA joined TED Ankara ; Serbian Jovana Brakocevic & Saori Kimura from Japan transferred to Vakıfbank ; Serbian Ana Lazarevic came to Beşiktaş ; Diane Elizabeth Copenhagen from USA & Brazilian Sthéfanie Tiele Martins Paulino will play in Konya .

Other interesting topic was the triple setter switch from 3 major teams Vakıfbank, Eczacıbaşı & Fenerbahçe. It started with Naz Aydemir; Vakıfbank decided to transfer Naz from Fenerbahçe then Özge would be the second setter in Vakıfbank, although she had a contract in Vakıfbank she moved to Eczacıbaşı because Elif was transferred to Fenerbahçe. Now 3 teams have 3 new setters, will this make an affect, we will see… wishes all teams a succesfull season with no injuries at all.

1             ANKARA                İLBANK

2             ANKARA                TED KOLEJLİLER

3             BURSA                  B.ŞEHİR BLD.

4             BURSA                  NİLÜFER BLD.

5             İSTANBUL              BAKIRKÖY BLD. YEŞİLYURT

6             İSTANBUL              BEŞİKTAŞ

7             İSTANBUL              ECZACIBAŞI VİTRA

8             İSTANBUL              FENERBAHÇE

9             İSTANBUL              GALATASARAY

10           İSTANBUL              SARIYER BLD.

11           İSTANBUL              VAKIFBANK

12           KONYA                   EREĞLİ BLD.