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Volleyball is a perfect pastime that incorporates fun, exercise and team spirit all in one game. It is a great way to build trust and enjoy some friendly competition at the same time.

Volleyball is a multiplayer game with two competing teams. It is a popular game for company retreats, trust-building exercises, summer camps, picnics and a day out on the beach. But it is especially preferred as a family sport in all sorts of family get-to-gathers. All you need is a net and volleyball to play this game. It can be played in a limited space and enables the players to have a great time with friends and family.

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Why play volleyball

Volleyball is an easy yet physical game. There are three great reasons to add volleyball match as a tradition in your holiday celebrations:

It’s fun and competitive

It is a fun sport and gives you a chance to sneak in some rigorous exercise. The rules are simple enough that anyone can understand and play. It is a perfect mix of team sport and a healthy spirit of competition. A picnic on the beach is simply incomplete without a round of volleyball. The best part is that the sand provides good footing and serves as safety insulation whenever you have to dive for a save. This way you can enjoy the game and suffer no hard falls or injuries. At the end of the day, you will be exhausted but this just means you made the best of a beach trip.

Everybody can play volleyball

Volleyball has generally two teams of six players each. But when you are playing with family, you can add any number of players to include everyone in the fun. Rotating players can also work for a larger group. You may also choose to play with official fotbolls em 2021 rules or adjust them according to the age and physical constraints of the players. Volleyball is simple enough that family members of all ages can take part in this game. It is equally good for boys and girls to compete against each other or play as a mixed team.

Parents can teach volleyball to kids

Parents can spend some quality time with their kids by teaching the game and then playing it. It provides valuable teaching moments about team spirit and sportsmanship. It allows the opportunity to sneak in some life lessons and to promote healthy competition among the youth. It keeps the children healthy, strong and active and teaches them to give their best in the game while enjoying it. When children play volleyball with parents it shows them that winning and losing are a part of every game. All you have to do is to give it your best and remember to have fun.

These are some great benefits of playing volleyball with your family. It is simply perfect to adopt as a family sport. After the game, you get to discuss it, give some pointers to each other and make some great memories.