Another great transfer to Fart Kielce. Opposite Marcus Nilsson, two times best scorer in Greek league, player of Paris Volley, Iraklis Thessaloniki and Piacenza, will become the new “green-black.”





Fart’s menager confirmed that Nilsson is only one step to sign a contract and stay in Kilece for the next season. He said that Marcus was a player at the level of the Champions League.

At the moment, we signed pre-contract and then I will make all formalities. What is more, I would not like to fail myself. Everybody remember what happened last year with Evan Patak when we were also confident that it is already our player. What happened later, we all know (the player went to the USA, but did not come back)” – Szczukiewicz added.

This time, it may be different. Mainly by the fact that Nilsson is determined to play in Kielce. Moreover, he has already informed some Greek media (Greek Iraklis was interested in bringing the player to the team).

I was very close to signed with Iraklis but I am not sure what will happen with this club and the whole league. Everybody knows economic situation in Greece so, I am not sure that everything will be fine. I received interesting offer from Poland and I will probably play there. Polish League is the third – after the Italian and Russian – as far as the sport level. I chose Kielce also because I will play there with Pierre Pujol who is my very good friend“- Nilsson said in an interview with the Greek portal

For some time we were looking for a opposite or reception player. The choice fell on the Swede. He is an experienced player, the MVP of Greek and he showed very good performance in the Champions League. So far, the agreement is preliminary but I believe that Marcus will presented next week during special press conference” – Michał Szczukiewicz said.

Marcus Nilsson may be the seventh new player signed by Kilece in this transfer market. Earlier, Fart took Pierre Pujol from Sisley Treviso, Maciej Pawliński from Jastrzębski Wegiel and Rafeł Buszek from Resovia. Additionally, they extended a contract with Xavier Kappfer who was the best player of Kielce last season. With all the new players Fart would like to fight for the top 5 in Plusliga next season.