This morning the defending Club World Champions from Trento has flown to Doha, Qatar where on Saturday will start their fight for the 3rd title consecutive.


In the Middle East we will be prepared and motivated like never before – said Matey Kaziyski, the player who as captain has already had the opportunity to raise either the Club World Cup 2009 and the 2010 one. – “We are ready to try to use all our chances until the end. We respect our opponents but we do not fear anyone because we are the defending champions and we are aware of our value. Many of us will come up to these games at the end of a real “tour the force” between the European Championship and the beginning of Serie A1. Ma in the tournament that lasts just six days you forget even the tiredness and you focus all your energies in the few and decisive days you play. This event always makes you feel very special and strong emotions, especially if you win. It is our goal, we cannot hide even if we have to deal with all kinds of pitfalls; the change of ball is definitely one of them. We will need to digest the transition from Molten to Mikasa rapidly.”



In the first phase of the FIVB Club World Championship 2011 Trentino will play with 3 teams with very different physical and technical characteristics. And among them the Egyptians from Al Ahly, the hosts – Al Araby and the Brazilians from Sesi Sao Paolo. – “This last team is certainly the opponent most equipped of the group, with a sextet of the highest level, and together with Kazan could be the adversary most difficult on the road to the 3rd success consecutive – continues Kaziyski. – I do not need to underestimate anybody, because in the tournaments like this surprises are the order of the day: one could be Al Araby that created a team ad hoc for the event and will be very tough. Therefore, we must seek to impose our game just in the first round of the competition.”