The opposite of Zenit (Kazan) Maxim Mikhaylov believes that his team could repeat the success of the girls of Kazan.
“Our game vs. Guberniya and the final in the Women’s Champions League were at the same time. Dinamo (Kazan) took the win.
Right after the end of our game we understood about the success of the girls of Kazan. This made us really happy. We train in the same sports hall, we meet everyday, we are friends. We follow the results of Dinamo. What they achieved is historical.”
“Zenit (Kazan) regularly takes part in The Final Four of the Champions League.We always play for the win. I don’t think that the success of Dinamo would make It harder for us as we are speaking for pressure. Now our team is a mixture of experienced players who know how to control themselves. “
“We have lost during this season 3 times vs. Belogorie, but in two of these games we lost 2:3. When teams meet often on the volleyball court, they know each other very well. It is hard to surprise the opponent. I think that the team that shows better sports shape  on Saturday , will be the winner. We are working very hard and we will give our best vs. Belogorie so that we could win”.