In most exciting game on Friday Americans beat Italy after tiebreak. Key for success were team’s scoring leader Matthew Anderson and Carson Clark who entered in 4th set. In other games Brazil beats Japan and Russia wins with Iran, both in three straight sets.

Today results:

UNITED STATES – ITALY 3-2 (25-21 20-25 22-25 28-26 15-13) MVP: William Priddy
USA: Christenson (3), Rooney (6), Lee (13), Anderson (27), Priddy (9), Holt (12), E. Shoji (L) and K. Shoji, Menzel (4), Clark (8)
Italy: Travica (2), Lanza (22), Piano (10), Vettori (12), Kovar (15), Beretta (7), Rossini (L) and Dolfo, Birarelli, Zaytsev (14)

Maxwell Holt served into the net and Italy took a 5-3 lead in the first set. Italy led 8-5 at the first technical timeout. A spike by Sean Rooney pulled the U.S. within one at 8-7. A service ace by Filippo Lanza kept the Italians ahead 13-12. William Priddy’s service ace evened the score at 15-15. Italy was on top 16-15 at the second TTO.The U.S. pulled ahead 17-16 on a reception error. Holt’s block put the U.S. in front 19-16. Holt made a nice pass to Micah Christenson for a quick spike at the net and the U.S. boosted the advantage to 21-17. The Italians called a timeout to try and stop the surge. A missed spike by Thomas Beretta put the U.S. within two points of the set at 23-18. Luca Vettori served into the net at the U.S. had set point at 24-19. The U.S. wrapped up the set 25-21.

Italy went ahead 5-3 in the second set after a reception error by the U.S. Priddy’s service ace sent the U.S. into the first TTO with an 8-7 edge.Italy surged to a 15-13 lead with some nice passing and the U.S. called timeout. Italy had a 16-13 lead at the second TTO.A block by Jiri Kovar boosted the Italian lead to 18-14 and the U.S. called a timeout. A Vettori spike made it 20-14. Priddy fired a serve long and it was 21-15. Holt connected on a spike as the U.S. moved within five points at 22-17. Kovar blasted a crosscourt spike for 23-17. A nice block by Priddy took the count to 23-19 and Italy took a timeout. Kawika Shoji served into the net and Italy had set point at 24-19. Italy took the set 25-20 when the U.S. could not handle a spike.

Matteo Piano’s block put Italy on top 5-4 in the third set. A reception error by Lanza made it 7-6 for the U.S. Rooney could not handle a spike and Italy led 8-7 at the first TTO. A block by Priddy made it 10-9 for the U.S. Piano’s block put Italy up 14-13. Priddy pounded a serve into the net and Italy was in front 16-14 at the second TTO. A net infraction gave Italy a 17-15 edge. Jeffrey Menzel sent a serve long and Italy led 20-18. Kovar’s spike made it 23-21. A nice dink by Ivan Zaytsev gave Italy set point at 24-21. Zaytsev closed out the set 25-22 with a soaring spike.

A positioning violation cost the U.S. two points at the outset of the fourth set. It was 3-2 when the issue was recognized, and the mistake cost the U.S. two points to make it 3-0 for Italy. Lee fired a service ace and the U.S. stormed back to tie it 4-4. A service error by Beretta made it 6-5 for the U.S. A dink by Holt took it to 7-6. Holt’s block put the U.S. ahead 8-7 at the first TTO. A block by Lee took it to 10-9 for the U.S. The Americans scored three more points to make it 13-10 and Italy took a timeout. Carson Clark’s spike took it to 15-12. Italy fought back and equalized at 15-15 on a crosscourt spike by Kovar. Italy led 16-15 at the second TTO. A spike by Zaytsev made it 19-17 as Italy edged closer to taking the match. Clark hammered a serve and it was 20-20. Back and forth it went, with the U.S. going up 23-22 before Zaytsev spiked to equalize at 23-23. A spike by Christenson gave the U.S. set point at 24-23, but Clark served long and the score was knotted again 24-24. A net infraction by Zaytsev made it 25-24 for the U.S. Priddy then served long and it was even again at 25-25. Kovar served into the net and the U.S. had its third set point. Holt responded with a serve into the net and it was 26-26. Clark’s spike gave the U.S. another set point. The U.S. then took the 37-minute set 28-26 on a block.

A strong serve by Lanza made it 3-3 in the fifth set. Zaytsev’s well-placed dink moved Italy ahead 6-5. The U.S. retook the lead at 8-7 on a block. A reception error by Dragan Travica tied it 9-9. Italy went back ahead 10-9 on a spike by Beretta. When Beretta fired a spike wide the U.S. was two points from victory at 13-11 and Italy called a timeout. Priddy sent a spike long and it was 13-12. The U.S. got match point at 14-12, but Lanza’s spike made it 14-13. The U.S. completed the win 15-13 when Travica sent his serve long.

Team Stats:

Actions Spike points Spike % Block Serve Digs Rec
USA 65 47% 12 5 21 36% 28
Italy 64 49% 11 7 23 47% 28

Team Leaders:

Actions Points Spike pts Spike % Block Ace Errors
Matthew Anderson 27 26 57% 1 0 7
Filippo Lanza 22 19 66% 1 2 12


IRAN – RUSSIA 0-3 (23-25 23-25 19-25) MVP: Sergey Grankin
Iran: Marouflakrani (2), Ghaemi (8), Mousavi (4), Mahmoudi (11), Mirzajanpour (13), Gholami (6), Zarif (L) and Mahdavi, Zarini, Davoodi
Russia: Grankin, Spiridonov (6), Muserskiy (12), Mikhaylov (19), Ilinykh (9), Apalikov (7), Ermakov (L)

Iran established a 5-3 lead in the first set. Russia equalized 6-6 on a spike by Nikolay Apalikov. A spike by Mikhaylov sent Russian into the first TTO with an 8-7 edge. A spike by Mohammad Mousavi tied it 10-10. Mehdi Mahdavi knotted the score 13-13 with a spike down the middle. Russia led 16-13 at the second TTO on a spike by Mikhaylov. Russia moved ahead 23-20 following a timeout when the score was tied 20-20. Iran pulled back within one at 23-22 on a spike. With Russia having set point at 24-23, Iran took a timeout. Apalikov’s spike gave Russia the set at 25-23. Mikhaylov notched nine points in the set. Mirzajanpour had six.

Russia took a 6-4 lead in the second set following a reception error. Adel Gholami made a nice dink for 6-5. Dmitriy Ilinykh’s spike gave Russia an 8-6 lead at the first TTO. Russia led 10-8 after Mahmoudi fired a serve long. A service ace by Mirzajanpour moved Iran ahead 11-10. Apalikov tied it 14-14 with a spike. Iran went up 15-14 on a nice option play spike by Gholami. A block by Muserskiy saw Russia lead 16-15 at the second TTO. A missed shot by Mahmoudi put Russia up 20-19. A block by Apalikov made it 22-20 and Iran called a timeout. Ilinykh’s spike gave Russia set point at 24-21. Russia took the set 25-23 on a block by Ilinykh.

Mirzajanpour rose for a spike as Iran took a 6-3 lead in the third set. Iran was up 8-5 at the first TTO. A reception error by Iran allowed Russia to equalize at 9-9. Russia continued to edge toward the match, taking a 14-12 advantage and Iran called a timeout. Muserskiy’s spike made it 19-15. Mikhaylov sent a serve long and Iran drew within 21-17. A service ace by Muserskiy closed out the contest 25-19.

Team Stats:

Actions Spike points Spike % Block Serve Digs Rec
Iran 35 50% 7 2 6 43% 22
Russia 43 60% 6 4 7 37% 21

Team Leaders:

Actions Points Spike pts Spike % Block Ace Errors
Mojtaba Mirzajanpour 13 11 69% 1 1 6
Maxim Mikhaylov 19 17 65% 1 1 9


JAPAN – BRAZIL 0-3 (17-25 23-25 18-25) MVP: Mario Junior
Japan: Kondoh, Fukuzawa (2), Matsumoto (4), Ishijima (10), Koshikawa (13), Yamamura (2), Nagano (L) and  Yoneyama (4), Takahashi (L), Shimizu (1), Imamura, Yokota
Brazil: Bruno, Felipe Fonteles (12), Lucas (10), Wallace (11), Mauricio Borges (10), Sidão (6), Mario Junior (L) and Evandro (3), Raphael, Eder (5)

Ishijima fired a spike long as Brazil seized a 5-2 lead in the first set. Wallace soared for a spike and Brazil went up 7-4. The South Americans led 8-4 at the first TTO. A spike by Mauricio Borges gave Brazil a six-point advantage at 11-5. A reception error by Japan ballooned Brazil’s lead to 16-8 at the second TTO.A spike by Yamamura made it 18-10 as Japan tried to keep contact. It was 20-12 after a Fukuzawa spike. A block by Mauricio made it 21-12. Evandro Guerra flew in for a spike and Brazil was three points from the set at 22-13. Sidnei Dos Santos took a quick pass for a kill and it was set point at 24-16. Marques gave Brazil the set 25-17 with a quick spike. Mauricio and Sidnei had five points each in the set.

Lucas Saatkamp drove a spike down the middle to stake Brazil to a 5-2 lead. A blast by Bruno Rezende sent Brazil into the first TTO up 8-4. Eder Carbonera’s spike took it to 10-6. A powerful spike by Marques Fonteles nearly leveled a Japan player and made it 12-8. A soft return by Koshikawa was tipped by Brazil and Japan moved within two at 13-11. A one-handed return by Koshikawa made it 13-12. A service ace by Koshikawa tied it 14-14 and Japan continued to surge. Brazil came back with two straight points and was on top 16-14 at the second TTO. Wallace struck another spike as Brazil stayed ahead 19-18. Japan tied the score several times, but could never pull ahead in the set. Brazil led 21-19 after Japan sent a serve long. A Yamamoto spike again drew Japan within one at 22-21. A nice dink by Maurico put Brazil within two points of the set at 23-21. A missed spike by Eder made it 23-23 but Brazil came back and took the set 25-23 on a spike by Wallace.

Japan grabbed a 5-4 lead in the third set on a service ace by Ishijima but Brazil led 8-7 at the first TTO. With Brazil up 11-8, Japan took a timeout. A spike by Marques gave Brazil a four-point margin at 14-10. Bruno’s serve sent Brazil into the second TTO with a 16-12 lead. Lucas connected with a windmill spike and it was 20-15 as Brazil moved to close out the match. Kazuyoshi Yokota sent a serve into the net and it was 23-18. Yamamura then whiffed on a spike attempt and it was match point at 24-18. A block by Brazil ended it 25-18.

Team Stats:

Actions Spike points Spike % Block Serve Digs Rec
Japan 30 39% 4 2 16 36% 18
Brazil 47 61% 8 2 16 59% 22

Team Leaders:

Actions Points Spike pts Spike % Block Ace Errors
Yu Koshikawa 13 11 55% 1 1 8
Felipe Fonteles 12 11 55% 1 0 11



Rank Team Win/Loss Sets Small Points Points
1. Brazil 3/0 9-1 256-216 9
2. Russia 2/1 7-3 246-215 6
3. USA 2/1 6-6 281-270 5
4. Italy 1/2 7-7 318-311 5
5. Iran 1/2 4-8 253-284 2
6. Japan 0/3 1-9 188-246 0

Descriptions: FIVB