National Team won the XVI Pan-American third place in Guadalajara over Mexico without De Cecco, Conte and Quiroga, but with the same attitude.


Argentina achieved an important place on the podium after 16 years. In 1995, the team led by Daniel Castellani had won gold in Mar del Plata and last Saturday won in Mexico its fourth bronze medal in history.

Javier Weber, who was setter of that golden squad, coached his players in a tournament in which Argentina suffered criticism for not having taken their three stars (De Cecco, Conte and Rodrigo Quiroga) but in the end, surprised everyone by fight on equal terms with the finalists Brazil and Cuba.


Another merit of the South American team was to have presented a sextet made ​​up of local players in the tournament, except Federico Pereyra (played in Brazil). Among the many young people, highlighted the captain Sebastián Solé (Drean Bolívar), spikers Nicolas Bruno (Boca) and Mariano Giustiniano (Buenos Aires United), and setters Nicolas Uriarte (Boca) and Maximiliano Cavanna (Formosa Union). The impeccable physical condition of athletes allowed to compete achieved a record 29 sets in only six days, since all the game ends in tie break, with the exception of the classic against Brazil.


Weber held the emergence of Gonzalo Quiroga, Rodrigo’s brother, who plays in the University of California (United States) and which, with only 18, replied with courage in various critical situations of the tournament. Entered and played a good role.


The bronze medal is the fifth achievement of Argentina in Pan-American Games before the ones won in 1963, 1984 and 1991, and the golden one in 1995. In 2007 edition, Argentina finished in the sixth place.


Third place match

Argentina 3 Mexico 2 (25/18, 22/25, 25/20, 22/25, 15/13)



Argentina 1 Brazil 3 (28/26, 25/27, 22/25 y 15/25)


Quarter finals

Argentina 3 United Status 2 (25/17, 19/25, 25/18, 17/25 y 15/11)


First round

Argentina 3 Venezuela 2 (25/23, 21/25, 29/27, 23/25 y 18/16)

Argentina 3 Mexico 2 (25/23, 25/23, 25/27, 21/25 y 15/10)

Argentina 2 Cuba 3 (22/25, 25/18, 26/24, 18/25, 13/15)