The outbreak of the coronavirus has pretty much made this year’s volleyball action quite slow. While things aren’t all dim and blue, the situation in the world is quite uncertain. However, amidst all that uncertainty, we managed to find out that the next Olympic Games are scheduled to be one of the most entertaining and thrilling events of 2021.

The original 2020 Olympics event was due to be held in Tokyo, but the COVID-19 pandemic took things in a different direction. The Olympics are a massive sporting event that requires lots of planning, effort, resources, and time. It’s hard to cope with all those challenges with the public health crisis taking the world by storm.

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This is the main reason why organizers decided to reschedule the 2020 Olympic Games for the next year. The major sporting event is set to take place between July 23rd and August 8th, 2021. With all this in mind, the expectations for volleyball at next year’s Olympics are high. Let’s see what the audience can expect in 2021.

2021 Olympic Games and Volleyball

Volleyball fans are in for some exciting action as the newest volleyball matches are scheduled to take place between Saturday, July 24th, and the final will be on August 6th. Of course, no one can predict how the ongoing pandemic will behave then, so the schedule is liable to change, depending on the situation with the virus.

So far, all volleyball Olympic events and qualifiers had to be canceled due to the coronavirus and health crisis problem. There is still a lot of time before the Olympics occur, but sports fans are willing to make bets and make predictions on who will win the men’s volleyball competition.

The Competitors

If we take a look at the competitors, we can see some of the best volleyball players in the game at the moment. Brazil defeated Italy in the final, having top chances to claim gold in Japan the next year.

Then, there are also Russia and the US, all looking great and ready to show what they are made of. So, all these factors are clearly showing that the year 2021 could be set very exciting in this competition.

We also took a quick look at the women’s competition and, let us tell you, things look great. We have Brazil, the dominant force of the 2012 and 2016 Olympics. On the other hand, we also have China, whose team made quite a stunt at the Olympics in Rio by beating Serbia 3-1 in the final.

If we consider all these facts, the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo will be quite a spectacle, especially for volleyball fans. There will be several rounds of non-stop field action, with the preliminary rounds making the necessary introduction for the straight knockout tournament.

The hype is more than real, and the excitement is increasing with each passing day. One thing is for sure; a lot is going on at the moment, and the uncertainty is excellent. No one can predict what could happen from the round of 16 through the final itself but trust us when we say that the world is in for some quality volleyball time.

Watch the Tokyo Olympics 2021 Live Stream

While Tokyo 2021 is still far away, it’s better to be prepared and know your options for watching the main sporting event of 2021. The Seven Network is the only place to watch the action on TV. Seven has three channels for broadcasting the Olympics coverage. There are:

  • 7
  • 7TWO
  • 7mate


If you’re looking to get a live stream for any of these upcoming events, Seven is the place to go. You can find live streams for all three channels on their website. You can also download the Seven app, available for both Android and iOS. In case you have any problems with live streaming Tokyo 2021 from your country, simply use Atlas VPN to bypass potential geo-restrictions. You can download your VPN app and simply change the country to access the content you want and let the good times roll.

So, have a blast in 2021, and we hope that your team wins