Unfortunate as it may sound, the fact remains: summer is over. While the worsening weather and the cooler temperatures aren’t necessarily apparent in some areas of the world, the most densely inhabited ones – especially in the Northern Hemisphere – have started to feel them, keeping people away from the beaches (where they have them) and inside their homes. This doesn’t mean that professional players aren’t continuing to do what they’re best at – it only means that aspiring amateurs are less likely to be spotted playing outdoors. But the bad weather doesn’t necessarily mean a complete lack of volleyball in our lives. There are ways in which we can still enjoy it, even with no ball, no sand, and no sunshine – virtually, of course.

Play volleyball online

Of course, playing volleyball-themed games is not the same thing as actually hitting the ball. But when the times are scarce, it is perhaps the next best thing for a devoted fan. And technology is on our side in this: there are many games that can be played online centering on or inspired by volleyball we can choose from.

One of the easiest is to visit the Royal Vegas for a casual volleyball-themed game called Bikini Party. While you won’t be able to flaunt your volleyball skills where summer never ends at Royal Vegas, you will be able to recreate the atmosphere of the volleyball games you played during the summer with this amazing and fun game.

But there are many other volleyball-inspired games to choose from online, ranging from Miniclip’s “Boom Boom Volleyball” (that also involves a bomb) to Android games like Volleyball Champions 3D complete with real physics and online multiplayer game modes.

Look South

When summer ends in the North, it comes closer to the South – in Australia, September means the first month of spring and the beginning of the selection process for the Commonwealth Games. The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games takes place in April next year, hosting teams from 12 Commonwealth nations. Sports fans might want to keep an eye on the event, as it doesn’t limit itself to volleyball – even though a pretty important beach volleyball competition is also its part. Players will compete in sports like athletics, badminton, boxing, beach volleyball, swimming, cycling, and wrestling, among others, in an almost two-week long competition.

Besides, the beach volleyball season in Australia is just getting started – aside from providing an opportunity to pick the members of Australia’s beach volleyball team, it will provide fans of the sport with a lot of games to look out for.