Olympiakos strikes back in second final. Panathinaikos did not find weapon to stop Miljkovic and co on the serve. Third final will be played on May 10.



Date of the second final duel was postponed from May 5 to May 8 due to commotions in Greece. Second duel was again the battle between I. Miljkovic and L. Agamez. Both opposites scored 20, respectively 21 points. The biggest difference was in the serve and reception where dominated players of Olympiakos. Olympiakos made 11 aces almost three times more than Panathinaikos (4 aces).

"We faced very serious game and we played well," said after the game head coach of Olympiakos J. Kalmazidis. "It was perfect game. We changed the rotation and our service worked much more better than the serve of Panathinaikos."

On the other hand S. Kazazis was not very satisfied with the perfomance of his team. "Olympiakos had a chance in the beginning to move in score and they took it. We managed to spoil reception which we have to stabilize. But the road in front of us is still long"

olympiakos wins second final