How important is it not to forget that we’re all human beings; to show love and support in difficult times? All the matches of this round in SerieA1  start with a minute of silence in honor of Stefan Vujevic- the suddenly died son of Sir Safety Perugia’s captain Goran Vujevic.


Yesterday Sir Safety Perugia met on the volleyball court Casa Modena and took the win by 3-2. This time not the game will be remembered, but how all the people in the sports hall PalaEvangelisti showed respect and support to Goran Vujevic and his son.

Such moments makes us all thinking about the important things in life. It’s such a pity that the young Stefan is not among his beloved ones, but we all hope that he is in a better place now.

Volleyball is fun and volleyball makes us often happy. But it is more than this, more than just a sport. It shows us how to be better.

See how PalaEvangelisti honored the little Stefan.