After the first round of play off in PlusLiga, Skra has two victories over Jastrzebski Wegiel. Semifinal series between Zaksa and Resovia is 1:1.

In semifinals only one match out of four was really exciting and quite tough. In Belchatow, Jastrzebski Wegiel was on it’s best way to beat Skra. It was a fantastic day of Michal Lasko, who scored 28 points as a real leader of his team. Jastrzebie won the first and the 3d set, but Belchatow still managed to handle their weakness and all ended up in tie break. In this last part, Skra gained a little dominance, but apparently it was enough for that day. Belchatow won tie break 15:11, and Jastrzebie, after very long and difficult battle (the game was finished after 11 p.m.!) was left with nothing. MVP was Mariusz Wlazly (21 points)

The second game was way much easier for Belchatow. They improved their reception and defense and they were too strong for the team from Jastrzebie. A little emotions started in the end of the second set, but all in all, Miquel Falasca ended this part with his service. MVP of this game was Bartosz Kurek (13 points).

The first duel was expected do be so exciting and equal. It went in a little bit different manner. The first game was really poor. Asseco Resovia had no problems with their attack or service. On the other hand, Zaksa Kedzierzyn could not realize their tactic on even the most basic level, so they were no opponent for Resovia and this match lasted only 3 sets  (19:25, 23:25, 15:25). MVP was libero, Krzysztof Ignaczak.

On the next day, Zaksa had to fight their own weakness first, than they could face their rival somehow. However, they did that. Resovia was not in so good shape that the day before, and Zaksa was better in every element, comparing to their previous game. It was another great match of Michal Ruciak, who walked his team through many difficulties and by attack and fantastic service, and with a big help from Rouzier (22 points), Zaksa won this meeting 3:1 and they could breathe a sigh of relief. Now they are going to Rzeszow and this battle is still open. MVP – Pawel Zagumny.

In the games of lower rank, Delecta won over AZS Warszawa 3:0 and AZS Czestochowa defeated Fart Kielce 3:1.