After the worst season since 10 years, Skra Belchatow has made really profound changes among players and the coaching staff. On Monday, the team launched a preparation for the new season   and  the club president ,Konrad Piechocki, Miguel Angel Falasca (new coach), Mariusz Wlazly and new, although perfectly familiar to Bełchatow team, the receiver Stephane Antiga  made their appearance.



Everybody pointed out that the new era came to the club from Bełchatow – the time of change – and this season was described as the “new project”. The main architect will be no one else but legendary Miguel Falasca.

“There is no good time to make changes,” said Konrad Piechocki, but he added that those changes were inevitable.

“The most important personnel change took place, of course, on the position of the first coach. I assure you that this choice was not accidental. We gave the team to a man who we know, although with a slightly different role to play. Miguel has my full confidence, but I do not only see Falasca in the new role. The assistant coach will be our current statistician, Fabio Storti.”

New coach, Miguel Angel Falasca, talked about his surprise when the management of Bełchatow offered him the position of the first coach.

“Of course I was surprised. In February and March I decided to terminate the career and in April president Piechocki called me and made the offer to lead Skra”.

Falasca insisted that he is happy to work in Bełchatow. Knowledge about the club, the people, the players and the city is very helpful in finding a new role.

Asked if Skra is the right club to begin a coaching career he answered: “I do not know if there is a better place to make the debut as the coach. Every coach wants to lead this team”.

PGE Skra Belchatow finished the last PlusLiga season in the 5th place and some changes was neccecery .The club president made redundant the head-coach Jacek Nawrocki employing well-known, but inexperienced Miguel Falasca instead of him, however, it turned to be a beginning of castling in Skra. One of the best Polish receivers, Michal Winiarski was tempted by a giant money to move to Russia while Aleksandar Atanasijevic, the best player of the young generation, accepted an offer from Perugia, where joined with other player from Belchatow Konstantin Cupkovic. Moreover, Wytze Kooistra, Dante Boninfante, Pawel Woicki, and Michal Bakiewicz also left the “energetic” club.

However, all these personal holes were immediately completed with a surplus, what caused that Mariusz Wlazly can go back to his native position and finally play as an opposite shoulder to shoulder with Maciej Muzaj, the best young and most talented player in that position in Poland. Reception will be a mix of youthful freshness and experience because Facundo Conte, named “Lionel Messi of the world volleyball”, will create the pair along with Stephane Antiga, who is frequently irreplaceable in spite of being already 37 years old. A helping hand will be given to Antiga and Conte by Samuel Tuia and Wojciech Wlodarczyk. The first one has spend two very good years in Russia (Kuzbass Kemerovo) while Wlodarczyk landed at first in the Polish National Team and then in Belchatow after one fruitful season in Austria. He is claimed to be a “new” Bartosz Kurek. An Argentinean, Nicolas Uriarte, will be in charge of creation of Skra’s play. Daniel Plinski is going to shine in the middle again being reinforced by Karol Klos or Andrzej Wrona. Both the players represents Poland. Klos dominates the offensive area while Wrona is great on the block. Pawel Zatorski, probably the best libero at the World League 2013 group stage, will take care of defensive aspects of “Bees” volleyball.  

In the upcoming season, Skra Belchatow aims in conquering Polish PlusLiga once again after two years break and victory in the CEV Cup.

PGE Skra Belchatow (Season 2013/2014):

Setters: Nicolas Uriarte (10), Aleksa Brdjovic (13)
Receivers: Facundo Conte (7), Stephane Antiga (11), Wojciech Wlodarczyk (12), Samuel Tuia (5)
Opposites: Mariusz Wlazly (2), Maciej Muzaj (9)
Middle-Blockers: Daniel Plinski (4), Karol Klos (6), Andrzej Wrona (8), Jedrzej Mackowiak (17)
Libero: Paweł Zatorski (16)  

Transfers Summary:

Comings Go away
Miguel Angel Falasca (New Coach) Jacek Nawrocki (Coach)
Nicolas Uriarte (Buenos Aires Unidos) Michal Winiarski (Fakel Novy Urengoy)
Facundo Conte (Dinamo Krasnodar) Aleksandar Atanasijevic (Sir Safery Perugia)
Stephane Antiga (Delecta Bydgoszcz) Wytze Kooistra (Still Free Agent)
Andrzej Wrona (Delecta Bydgoszcz) Pawel Woicki (Still Free Agent)
Wojciech Wlodarczyk (Aich/Dob Posojilnica) Michal Bakiewicz (AZS Czestochowa)
Samuel Tuia (Kuzbass Kemerovo) Dante Boninfante (Marmi Verona)
Aleksa Brdjovic (Partizan Beograd) Konstantin Cupkovic (Sir Safery Perugia)