The 15th season of the ACLAV Argentine A1 Men Teams Tarjeta Nativa Nación is ready to start tomorrow, Thursday, November 18 and the 12 coaches in charge of the 12 franchises advise of their goals for their teams.



Marcelo Gigante (Boca Juniors): “No doubts, we want to improve our last year’s results and finish the regular season as high as possible to stand right for the Play-offs. It will also depend on the other teams. we have great players and we will realize our level when the competition starts.”

Waldo Kantor (Buenos Aires Unidos): “On our project we do not look only to sport results. We have to think on several items, not only the results but also to broadcast volleyball, to obtain root-grass players, in new players contacting us and playing in Mar del Plata and on the neighbourhood area and on all promotions that we can make to make volleyball become an important sport here but no doubt we also plan on fighting on the top of the League”.

Horacio Dileo (Chubut Volley): “This will be a League to fight match after match. I am happy because it seems it will be the best league of the last 6 years, when I joint the team. This shows an improvement that helps Argentine Volleyball all together but our future is our present, day after day.”

Javier Weber (Drean Bolívar): “Who ever played or coached Bolívar knows that here there is no second place. That is our ruling and we know that it will be a long period of hard competition. Now it starts a new period with many new players so the team has to get its new rhythm. To overcome our prior results will be very hard but Bolívar must be among the best teams in the country and at international level with good volleyball, and that are our main goals.”

Alejandro Grossi (Gigantes del Sur): “The only goal is to maintain the franchise so it is an important challenge for our team that has most of its players from our province, Neuquen, with the club betting strong on the growth of our local players.”

Pablo Del Grecco (Instituto Dr. Carlos Pellegrini): “Last season our goal was to maintain the franchise and we fulfilled it. This year, we want to improve obtaining best results and showing we deserve to participate at the best volleyball of the country with a competitive team.”

Martín López (La Unión de Formosa): “Our history makes us look after being on the top of the league fighting for the title. We have a good team that becomes strong at home. The arrival of Gustavo Scholtis allows us to be confident and it also makes us very proud to have four local players that grew in our Club: Ezequiel Palacios, Juan Pablo Pérez, Viran Melgarejo and Javier Vega”.

Mariano Silberstein (Club Pescadores de Gualeguaychú): “Our first goal is to maintain the franchise. It is our first year at the A1 competition and Pescadores players came to the team very slowly so we do not know how the team will work and improve as we do not know each other very good. We will do our utmost to have a positive season”

Ariel García (PSM Voley): “Puerto San Martín Voley is a team with very young players and therefore our first goal is to compete at same level as the other teams and prepare future players that can keep growing at this important competition.”

Jorge Elgueta (Sarmiento Santana Textiles): “Sarmiento goals are first to maintain the franchise and then become confident to grow in this new project. It is a long run project and even though we want to win we know our reality so we will go step by step”.

Juan Manuel Cichello (SOS Villa María): “Our goal is to obtain the same result of last season and qualify for the Play-Offs knowing that there are about six very important and hard teams but with the others we stand at the same level. We also want to make our junior players grow. They are very important in our team.”

Fabián Armoa (UPCN Voley): “Our goals are very clear. The first one is to win the competitions we participate at, specially the League. Last year we finished on the second place and this year, we want to finish on the first place. To be champions is the only goal”.