Argentina´s National Team spiker is the captain of a litter of promises that won 3 straight games in the World League and leads Pool C.



Argentina broke a record of two consecutive victories in the World biggest annual event and won his third victory last Saturday to leave the road to Portugal in visitor status. This is one of the most outstanding performance of the South American national team in the tournament, which is directed toward the Final 8 in Poland on July 6th.

The captain of the young squad is Rodrigo Quiroga, with just 24 years old. This is not a new role for him, considering its passage through the youth and junior national team, although it is worth noting that in the age when many kids think “dancing in clubs”, he has a great responsibility. In 2008, when coach Weber took over the national team, had the challenge of leading a group that was composed of older and more experienced players, “The first year, Spajic and Meana gave me a big hand. I had a very good relationship also with Guillermo Garcia too. The truth is that it was not difficult, just different, because they were older players” he said.

Argentina complete the generational change at the 2010 World Championship in Italy and Quiroga´s GPS must to recalculate: “This is a new cycle and, luckily, I grabbed a couple of years of experience in the role. That makes things a bit easier, but it is not very complicated. Both those steps are very nice” commented the member of a traditional volleyball family.

Raul’s nephew (World and Olympic Bronze Medal), son of Daniel (former Italy A2 series player) and brother of Gonzalo (star of youth argentine team), Rodrigo does not deny the family relationship and believes that no new sporting achievement will overshadow those earned by their ancestors: “I don’t take it as a weight, I think that helps me. Not because me or Nicolas (Uriarte), Facundo (Conte) or Ivan (Castellani) are big players, what did our parents or uncles will be forgotten. They are different stories that are related and I think it will be impossible unstuck them. It makes me very happy to be part of a family that created a bit of the history of this sport.”

In an era where idols are getting younger (by case, Messi is 23), Rodrigo manages the group with ease and without overacting his role: “I do not put limits on the Playstation in concentration. These things form the group and do well. I believe I can do no harm to anyone. I have it (Video game) but I do not like soccer games“.

Quiroga knows this season may be one of the most important of his career. He played Greek League Finals with Iraklis (won the regular season, qualified for the Champions but could not lift the cup) and he will return to Italy through the front door (in Ravenna) and seek to win the passport to London 2012: “It would get me the nail that I have of Beijing 2008 (Argentina did not play). It’s a dream for all to be in an Olympic game

The road to England is well: Argentina defeated Serbia at once and Portugal two times, is the FIVB Junior and Youth best ranked country, remains among the top eight at the Senior ranking and have the chance to take another big step towards World League Final Phase this Friday and Saturday if they beat Finland in Lahti.