Russia, defending champion, will not pick up the World League trophy this summer. The chance for the gold medal has been secured by the host -Italy – Brazil, USA and Iran that achieved the most significant attainment in history, but it seems not to be the end, because the Persians faces USA at 5.30 P.M. with high aspirations and real occasion to win. In the other semifinal, Italy will try to break Brazil.



  • Brazil – Iran 1:3 (21:25, 19:25, 25:23, 26:28)
  • Brazil: Bruno 1, Loh 12, Eder 9, Wallace 6, Lucarelli 17, Lucas 11, Mario Jr. (L) and Raphael, Vissotto 8, Rafael, Douglas
  • Iran: Marouf 5, Ghaemi 7, Gholami 6, Ghafour 23, Mirazajanpour 14, Mousavi 8, Zarif (L) and Tashakori 5, Mahdavi, Reza


Iran overcame Brazil in the last match of the World League Pool I competition, as a result, both the teams qualified to the medal zone, while the third member of the group, Russia, can pack its suitcases up and go home. “I think Brazil and Iran can play so that Russia wouldn’t have a spot in semifinals”, Alexey Spiridonov claimed before the beginning of the Asian and South American teams duel and this time he was right, but perhaps not directly. The game outcome exactly led to elimination of Russia, but it is hard to pass the buck on Brazil that did not turned out to be magnanimous and did not slug it out. “Canarinhos’ has previously booked playoffs tickets and Bernardo Rezende could have given a rest for few players (Sidao, Murilo) and could have tested their substitutes. Moreover, Iran played another good game and proved that the Persian will be very demanding opponent for USA in semifinal.


Actions Spike Spike % Block Serve Dig Reception Sets Unforced mistakes
Brazil 52 51% 8 5 26 70% 12 33
Iran 57 55% 8 3 40 55% 10 26



  • Australia – Italy 0:3 (14:25, 22:25, 21:25)
  • Australia: Sukochev 1, White 7, Mote 6, Edgar 20, Sanderson 2, Zingel 4, Perry (L) and Walker 1, Douglas-Powell
  • Italy: Travica 1, Lanza 12, Buti 8, Zaytsev 15, Parodi 5, Piano 4, Rossini (L) and Randazzo 3, Anzani 4, Vettori 1, Baranowicz, Giovi


It is hard to beat Italy, if you have just one efficient player. Australians have felt about this dependency on Friday’s evening at Nelson Mandela Forum in the ‘Nelson Mandela Day’. ‘Squadra Azzurra’ took advantage all VolleyRoos weaknesses, closing the game in three-sets stay on the court, despite Mauro Berruto ‘dusted’ the whole bench long. Australia could have only relied on Thomas Edgar, who contributed 20 points, however, it was not much enough to make another surprise and remain in the contest. Nevertheless, Australia has reached a giant success. Thanks to volleyball conquered a new area.

In the first set, Italy ran up an early 8-3 lead, with Ivan Zaytsev and Filippo Lanza grounding some fine spikes. Australia’s Adam White and Thomas Edgar fought hard, but Australia’s quality could not match the host. With Simone Parodi, Simone Buti and Matteo Piano all adding to the scoring, Italy took the set 25-14.

Australia got some focus back at the start of set two. Paul Sanderson and Edgar stood out as the score ran up to 8-8. Edgar continued to score heavily as the sides tied 20-20, but Italy simply had to many attacking options. Zaytsev, Lanza, Buti, Parodi and Matteo Piano got points from all over the court, and Italy’s quality won them the set 25-22.

Australia continued to battle in set three. They got 12-11 ahead, with Edgar again dominating with some huge spikes, but with Simone Anzani adding to Italy’s wealth of scoring options, and Australia struggling on reception, the Azzurri did enough to win the set 25-21, and the match 3-0.



Actions Spike Spike % Block Serve Dig Reception Sets Unforced mistakes
Australia 34 48% 4 3 26 46% 8.67 22
Italy 46 63% 3 4 29 60% 8.67 16


WLF6 Sign

Schedule and bookmakers zone for the semis day:

Iran – USA (17.30 Local time)

  • Bookmakers: Iran – 1.57; USA – 2,25
  • Our bet: Iran


Italy – Brazil (20.30 Local time)

  • Bookmakers: Italy – 1.72; Brazil – 2.00
  • Our bet: Brazil
  • Statistical tidbits:

    – Iran will be seeking the scalp of a fifth former World League champion, after having beaten Italy, Brazil, Cuba and Poland at least once before.

    – Iran have won four of six against World League opponents form the Americas.

    – Iran are the first Asian team to finish in the top four of the World League.

    – Iran are by far the least experienced team in the semifinal with just 24 matches under their belt, and the only team without any World League silverware.

    – USA have won 15 of their last 16 World League meetings with opponents from Asia.

    – USA could reach the final of the World League for the third time in history.

    – USA won their last semifinal in 2012 by defeating Cuba 3-0.

    – After starting with seven consecutive wins, USA have lost four of their last seven matches.

    – Italy and Brazil will set their 29th World League meeting; both teams have equal 14 wins from the previous 28 encounters.

    – Italy and Brazil have a tied win record of 2-2 in their four encounters this season, where each team won both away matches.

    – Brazil have advantage over Italy, winning six of their last eight World League meetings.

    – Italy have reached the final four for the 17th time and for the second year in a row.

    – Italy have secured a top four finish in back-to-back seasons.

    – Italy have reached the World League final 11 times.

    – Brazil have the most top four finishes in the World League with 19, they also have the most appearances in the finals with 13.

    – Brazil are seeking their first World League championship since 2010.


    Sources: FIVB (Statistical tidbits)