Italy proves too much for Iran in the last day of the World League 2014 in Florence and takes second in the row bronze medal of the tournament. Filippo Lanza took leadership in his hands, reaching almost 70% of efficiency in spiking, while Ivan Zaytsev was the best scorer with 14 points.


  • Iran – Italy 0:3 (22:25, 18:25, 22:25)
  • Iran: Marouf, Ghaemi 6, Gholami 2, Ghafour 8, Mirzajanpour 2, Mousavi 6, Zarif (L) and Mahdavi 2, Ghara 5, Tashakori 1, Ebadipour 6
  • Italy: Travica 3, Lanza 10, Anzani 8, Zaytsev 14, Parodi 10, Buti 7, Rossini (L) and Giovi, Vettori


In the first set, Italy got into in an early lead at 8-4. Putting their disastrous performance against Brazil behind them, the team excellently coordinated by Dragan Travica spiked hard and blocked some fierce Iranian attacks. Ivan Zaytsev, Filippo Lanza and Simone Parodi kept Italy ahead at 17-14. Two consecutive aces from Amir Ghafour and good spiking by Motjaba Mirzajanpour stood out, but Italy closed the set, 25-22. 

The second set started off evenly, with neither team managing to gain a decisive advantage. But as Simone Buti, Parodi and Lanza started killing effectively, Italy got into a comfortable lead at 15-12. Iran fought via Farhad Ghaemi and Seyed Mousavi, but thanks to some Iranian mistakes and excellent play by Ivan Zaytsev and Simone Anzani, Italy took the set 25-18.

The third set kicked off with an inspired Buti scoring well for Italy, and an aggressive Reza Ghara striking back for Iran. Iran got 8-5 and 15-12 up, with Farhad Ghaemi and Reza Ghara killing well, advantage reaching 15-12 up, but good hits by Zaytsev, Anzani and Parodi tied the set at 15-15. With supporters screaming “we want this victory”, Italy found the grit they needed to overcome the side Saeid Marouf co-ordinates so well. The Azzurri took the final 25-22, winning set, match and bronze medal.


Team stats:

Actions Spike Spike % Block Serve Dig Reception Sets Unforced mistakes
Iran 31 39% 5 2 32 49% 8 23
Italy 36 53% 12 4 28 56% 8.33 24

Description: FIVB