The article you are about to read is the pure expression of personal observation based on facts and reactions definitely not worth mentioning especially in the century we are living, a century when society pretends to have improved, a society that is proud to declare it has diminished the racism rates, a society that stands up for values such as unconditional love, acceptance and equity.


Regrettably, the last leg of French league witnessed a couple of let’s call them unfortunate events prone to contradict and raise a question mark over all the progress we have yet done. For those interested, here are the results and the current ranking of French league: Myriam Kloster herself, the international middle blocker and captain of Le Cannet, shared her regrets to such attitude and reactions after the game played last Saturday in Terville (Moselle). Her comments were resentful; the player expressed her disappointment towards the local supporters and the home team’s organization staff who could not or, better said, did not even try to stop or bring to account the persons responsible for such behavior. The player was heavily beset by racist comments during the game and though she informed the referees, measures refused to be taken. The club of Le Cannet forwarded their complaint to the French Volleyball League (LNV) as well as to the club of Terville who were not able to identify the supporters with inappropriate behavior, but submitted their official apologies.

Another game shadowed by such racist attitude took place in Mulhouse where the home team received Nantes VB. Guest team player, Sherri Williams, received a couple of racist insults; in fact, the entire team was ‘welcomed’ with hostile attitude. It is worth mentioning also a less promoted event alike which took place the previous season during a game between two men teams (League B): Orange Nassau and St. Pierre Calais Volleyball. One of the players of Calais was brutally insulted by supporters, including the president of home club. The French Federation took then the decision to suspend the player for three games and to ban the president from sporthalls for the rest of the season.

There are beautiful, tight score games worth remembering for team’s performances, but instead they are shadowed by such hooligan attitudes. Sporthalls are supposed to promote fair play, competitive spirit and such unfortunate events do not bring pride, nor good publicity to sport, whatsoever.