“I told the guys that today will win the one who wants it more, who will have more motivation to play,” said after the game in Belgorod head coach of Yaroslav S. Shlyapnikov.

Yaroslavl came to Belgorod well prepared. The team of G. Shipulin underestimate his opponent. “We played with lower class team, located lower in the standings. The fact is that players did not consider them as a opponent, did not respect them. While on the other side of the court were good guys, well-organized team with the leader of this team, Vadim Khamuttskih,” commented G. Shipulin.

Iskra Odintsovo took the opportunity to move ahead in standings after the lost of Belgorod. Iskra won in Surgut in three sets. “We expected from Surgut serious resistance, because it’s a good young team. But today we were stronger, and I want to thank to whole team. J. Schoops play well today, but the result was made by the entire team“, said head coach of Iskra R. Santilli.

Leader from Novosibirsk could not find the way to stop Moscow and lost 3:0. Kazan gained 3 points after the victory with Kemerovo. Novy Urengoi did not allow to win one set to Kaliningrad.

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source: volley.ru