For those of you who ‘turned on’ the computers late, we should shortly fill up news panel. Men national team of France claimed the latest competition held in Rio, the FIVB World League 2015, a historical moment for team #yavbou.

There is a time for everything and often success is immediately followed by deception and negative publicity, especially that French tabloids have lately turned their attention towards members of the team that wrote history for French volleyball only one week ago. It has been drawn to our attention that MVP of competition and surely one of the most popular players of team Yavbou has been the subject of a conflict in Montparnasse Train station in Paris, where police have held and questioned Earvin Ngapeth due to his attempt to delay the train going from Paris to Bordeaux and physical aggression against a SNCF (French national railway company) employee.

The French volleyball star delayed his reply letter till Friday when he finally came through explaining that media did a great job making a mountain out of a molehill and misleading readers into thinking that he would be capable of assaulting another person only to satisfy his pleasure of delaying the train. Ngapeth loudly expressed his confidence in the French police and law orders. Earvin took the opportunity to thank his supporters and to remind them how eager he is to come back into the sporthall and continue this road to success they are currently following.

The case “Ngapeth”- who is wrong and who is right?

Time (and French police?) will tell.