The Gopher’s volleyball team have just started to practice inside their brand new and updated stadium. The Gopher’s senior, Alexis Hart doesn’t need to look very hard to see that there has been a huge difference. Alexis Hart has stated that she sweats a lot when she plays, and that she gets hotter than most of the team. She has stated that she now only goes through two workout shirts instead of four, and that this is a lot nicer.

The new stadium is much cooler and it is way easier for the team to really push themselves. Even though their brand-new stadium is nice and air-conditioned, the competition is certainly heating up. The Gopher’s volleyball team are now ranked in third and they are preparing for their season-opening debut in North Carolina. The addition of the air conditioning was actually part of a 5 million-dollar package of maintenance and improvement. The area has been compared to a blast furnace in the past and this is especially the case when you look at how things went in the summer and in the early fall. Their long-term home has now experienced a huge upgrade and it has the latest technology installed. This is going to allow the Gopher’s to play for longer, with more energy. If you have always been against betting on them, then now is certainly the time for you to change your attitude because they are now going to be playing better than ever. Of course, if you do enjoy betting then why not consider trying out slots for real money? There are plenty of volleyball games available and this will help you to get your fix until the next big game.

The team have opened on the road and they have been up against the Tar Heels and Florida State. Their next four matches are against Texas, Stanford, and Oregon. Texas and Stanford could prove to be challenging games and they have faced one of these teams in the past in the semi-finals. Coach Hugh McCutcheon has stated that he believes the team have had a very good preseason so far and that they have been hosting some intra-squad scrimmages too. These have all been free to the public and overall, it’s safe to say that the quality of the training has been improved by a significant amount. A lot of this has to do with the environment that they are playing in, as it is way easier for them to push that extra mile when they aren’t having to play under such intense heat. Some of the players even dreaded coming to practice because of how hot it used to get, but now they believe that practices are going to be more comfortable and that the team spirit as a whole is going to improve. Strangely enough, the arena used to be one of the coolest places on campus as it was once a hockey rink. It was then remodelled in 1993 and ever since it has been used as a multi-sport arena. It was sweltering in the summer months, and last season the team had to cancel a home match against Kansas State. The only reason why they had to do this is because the area got far too hot. During heatwaves, coaches had to be mindful of player’s performances and the workloads that they had in general. They also had to watch out for signs of fatigues or even worry of injuries. The floor would often become slippery with sweat, and this wasn’t good for the team or the coaches in general. To say that there were a lot of distractions would be an understatement and it could certainly have an impact on the player performance overall. Hart went on to call the air conditioning unit a blessing. Stephanie Samedy, another player on the team has stated that it is going to help the Gophers to focus on their work and not the level of discomfort that they are going to experience. She has stated that if you walk into the arena with a sweater on, that you might actually still be cold. This is a huge change and it is going to help everyone to be a bit more relaxed when practice does come around.

Stephanie has also stated that at times, she would feel more fatigued because of the excess heat in the room. The energy that she would expend because of the heat would leave her feeling more tired for the big games. She says that now she doesn’t have to worry about that and that she and the team are going to be playing far better in the near future purely because they are able to focus more on what they should be doing in practice.

Sure, the air conditioning has been in operation since the practice began. The practice sessions started on August 10th and the R. K Eddy performance centre is also going to be completed at some point this week too. The volleyball facilities are going to be completely overhauled and they are going to have a brand-new strength and conditioning room. As if that wasn’t enough, they are also going to have a hydrotherapy room too. This is all going to be located right behind the court and the space is also going to house a film room too. The player’s lounge is also going to help people to relax more when they really need it, and this is going to go a long way for the overall team’s performance.

The second-floor club has also had some premium seating added. They are going to have a row of 48 seats outside the panels and this is going to overlook the floor. The panels are going to be made out of glass and the project has been privately funded too. Sure, the Gopher’s are all about these luxurious features and the nice cool air is going to be the biggest difference-maker. At the end of the day, they are doing everything they can to break down barriers and they are also trying to give themselves the biggest chance of success too. This is probably going to be the biggest difference in the history of the team.