Inside-volley, the world’s largest forum-like volleyball community, has recently become a part of the Volleycountry family. In an attempt to further narrow the gap between the game and its multitudinous fans around the globe, Jiri Popelka, a former Czech national team star and founder of Volleycountry, embraced the opportunity to add more power and value to his project.

“I am really glad we connected Inside-volley with Volleycountry, we connected more volleyball hearts together,” said Popelka. “Volleyball is about heart and passion. We, volleyball lovers, need to connect, to be more united, to share our volleyball passion. This is why Volleycountry is here, but we are not important, volleyball and your love to our favorite sport is important.”

With more than 10 000 fervent volleyball followers from around the entire world, including Kenya, the Philippines, Iran, USA, Brazil, Thailand, Canada and many more, Inside-volley has been one of the prime volley news sources online. Quite often, due to the internationality of the forum, users share and spread information that is released or discussed nowhere else on the web. Unlike regional and national volleyball media giants, most of which are available only in their local language, Inside-volley has always been offered in English only. All it requires is a simple registration and you can already dive into a world of different volleyball topics. Apart from various (more and less popular) male and female national leagues, you can share or get information and statistics about players’ performances (lists of high scorers, records), a regularly updated set of team rosters, pictures on and off the court, media section with links and embedded videos from games and match highlights, transfer news and rumours, interviews, volleyball magazines, rules and rule changes, and pretty much everything that happens in the world of the game, both in and outside the hall. Most importantly, one gets the chance to discuss one’s favourite team(s) or player(s) with other fans. That being said, you can also improve your English skills in a community like this!

You, as readers of Volleycountry news, can get even more active and participate in the discussions about what we cover. It’s the best way to access information and share your thoughts at the same time!

The technical team behind the merge is currently working on integrating the forum platform straight into Volleycountry’s system. Then it will be even more straightforward to relate news to the respective discussion thread.

The forum can be accessed at the new address, or by clicking the menu “Forum” in Volleycountry.