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The new US Women’s Volleyball Pro League that is to start on February 27 and last until March 29 (Dallas, Texas), and which is re-launched after 18 years, will introduce a true revolution into the tournament system of competition.

Athletes Unlimited, the US-based network of new professional sports leagues, is the official name of the US Pro League that attracted 44 top-level female volleyball players from all over the world in the competition whose format was never seen before in this sport.

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For those who are not informed of the names of the players that will compete in the league, we will stress that there is a two-time Olympic champion Sheilla Castro, one-time world champion Jordan Larson, FIVB World Grand Prix/Volleyball Nations League winners Karsta Lowe and Lauren Gibbemeyer, Dominican star Bethania de la Cruz, and many more big names.

What Sets This Competition Apart From Others

What sets this competition apart from all the others in the world is the way teams are formed, the focus on players in terms of winning points and not on teams, the fact that a player will end up as a winner and not a team… Let’s clarify it.

The organizers were aware of the fact that due to the Covid-19 pandemic there will be no fans in the stands so the bond between them and the teams cannot be built. The absence of the fans from the stands might increase the visit to online casinos, such as some of the best iSoftBet online casinos on, and more interest in betting. The entire league will be played in one place so no fan base could be formed around any of the teams. Also, due to the fact that the league is new, teams do not have history and players had no time to create team chemistry.

So, there will be no pre-established teams, as they will get mixed up a bit every one of five weeks of the competition. Such a system will turn the attention of the fans, who watch the games on TV or online to players and their output and not on the teams. The frequent rotation of players and draft on a weekly basis in which captains have the main decision-making role will certainly add excitement to the Athletes Unlimited league.

Players Are in Charge

Players were in charge of absolutely everything even before the start of the competition. They chose the jersey type, surface type, balls, they will choose the coaching staff, practice times, food…

Forty-four total players will be divided into four teams of 11 players, playing a round-robin system. At the end of each weekend, the ranking of players will be released. The top four players will become the new captains and then, they will pick the teams for the next weekend. After the last weekend is over, the top player on the ranking will be the champion of the league.

The way players collect points will give the opportunity to players in all positions to become champions and not only to opposite hitters and outside hitters, who at first glance have the most chances to win the title due to their attacking influence on the game. The scoring system, which was carefully composed by coaches and statisticians and which will not depart too far from an accurate and common counting, will take care of that. Each kill, dig, assist, etc. will weigh a certain amount of points.

Even the usual team’s point count is changed. Yes, to win a set, a team must score 25 points and win by a two-point difference. However, each set is worth 40 points and overall matches are worth 60 points. Given that the total score determines the overall match winners, a team may lose two sets, win one, but still become the overall match-winner.

Matches of the Athletes Unlimited league will be broadcast on two major TV stations in the United States – CBS Sports Network (for the US and Canada) and FOX Sports (for the US and Latin America). In addition, a few matches will be streamed on Athletes Unlimited’s social media channels on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Dailymotion, and Twitch.