Olympiakos won their 25th league title on Monday beating Iraklis 3-0 at home to conclude a 3-0 sweep over its rival in the final series.




This was the third straight league title for Olympiakos, all of them without enjoying home advantage in the finals.

Olympiakos won the first set 25-21 and were only challenged in the second. Iraklis rallied to a 20-15 lead, but the hosts bounced back to win the set 26-24, doing away with any hope Iraklis might have had of a fight-back.

The third set seemed a mere formality as Olympiakos won 25-19 to take the match and the title in a season full of financial problems for the Piraeus club.

Video of Olympiakos volleyball title

Dimitris Tzouric and Despaigne were the stars of Olympiakos. Both of them were very effective in the last three games against Iraklis.

Olympiakos’ coach Ioannis Kalmazidis stated after the game “This was a great achievement. My team was not lucky, it deserved to win the title.

Dimitris Tzouric the Olympiakos opposite hitter stated: “I do not want to stay in Greece. I want to go abroad. I will have to choose whether I’ll play as a blocker or as an opposite.

On the other hand Iraklis was very bad in the last but more serious games of the season. All the players of the team were ineffective thinking their summer vacations.

Next year Olympiakos with Iraklis will represent Greece in European Champions League.