Volleyball is an exciting activity. It’s a performance and team sport and if you’re good at it, you can earn a scholarship in a university. It also will help if you excel in both academics and sports. There are volleyball teams in some UK universities that compete in the BUCS.

University of East London

The volleyball team at the University of East London provides sports, competitions, and coaching for its students and the community. The university also offers scholarships to talented athletes along with mass participation for players of varying skill levels.

Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge

This university offers coaching sessions in Chelmsford and Cambridge for anyone interested in taking up volleyball or those who want to play recreationally. The team based in Cambridge is one of the best performing sports teams in the country. They have both the women’s and men’s teams that form their high-performance program.

Bournemouth University

Volleyball draws strong support in the area of this university and for a good reason. The location of the school has 7 miles of golden sand for the volleyball beach program. The university’s partnership with the National League Team Wessex Volleyball. The teams also have a passion to develop this game as a professional sport.

Newcastle University

The volleyball team of Newcastle University competes in BUCS Division III North Women 2nd, BUCS Division Premier Women’s 1st, and BUCS Premier North Men’s. There is 1 women’s team and 1 men’s team. Both teams compete in the BUCS Premier Division against some of the best teams in the North of the UK.

University of Nottingham

The University of Nottingham’s volleyball team has an exciting and ambitious setup with world-class coaching. The best players join this large, thriving team that possesses solid connections to Volleyball England via the Higher Education Volleyball Officer program and other beginner and social sessions.

Online help for student athletes

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Durham University

Durham University takes pride in the fact that its team is highly regarded as one of the best volleyball ones in the UK. Their teams have always dominated at both the National Level and BUCS. Their Women’s 1 team is currently at the top as NVL and BUCS Champions while the Men’s 1 team placed as a runner-up at BUCS and while winning the championship at NVL.

Sheffield Hallam University

With the successful performance at the England Development Centre for Men’s Team for several years, this university is now one of the top England Volleyball Senior Academies. They also take pride in having produced numerous England and GB players. The university’s volleyball team consists of 1 women’s team and 2 men’s teams.

Northumbria University

Another volleyball team that has a long history of winning the National League, Cup Championship titles, and BUCS is from Northumbria University. The team consists of 2 women’s and 2 men’s teams that compete in fixtures in BUCS every week. Their play level is highly competitive, with the women and men’s first teams sitting at the highest leagues within the BUCS.

University of Essex

The University of Essex provides athlete-centered, innovative programs as its main focus in sports including basketball, rugby, and volleyball. One of the university’s ambitions is to become the leading institution in sports in the East of the UK. To accomplish this, they focus on their athletes. They also offer scholarships to highly-talented athletes where they provide support and coaching services, along with a kit.

University of Derby

While the best volleyball colleges in the US have top-notch players, the University of Derby in the UK has those too. The university has 4 teams that bring home the points after each competition. 2 of the teams are part of its Performance Program. The players participate in additional training sessions along with strength and conditioning in the Sports Center’s Performance Suite.


Going to a university in the UK with one of the top volleyball teams will make it easier for you to play the sport you’re passionate about. Although will must attend the tryouts first, knowing that you will potentially play for a top team will be highly motivating.

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